French Town Struggles Over Departures for Jihad

LUNEL, FRANCE: When this picturesque southern French town of just 25,700 people first learned late last year that six local Muslims had been killed fighting for Islam in Syria, accounting for 10 percent of the total number of French killed there, the right-wing mayor quietly asked the head of the local mosque for help.

“I need you and you need me to stop this,” the mayor, Claude Arnaud, recalled telling Lahoucine Goumri, who was president of Lunel’s Al Baraka mosque at the time. “We agreed he would make a statement.”

He did. But instead of condemning the surge of young recruits, Goumri told local news media that the policies of President Francois Hollande were the main culprit and complained that it was not his job to denounce the jihadis when nobody protested French citizens who traveled to Israel to help the army “kill Palestinian babies.”

“This is their choice,” Goumri was quoted as saying at the time by the newspaper Midi Libre. “It is not for me to judge them.”

  • Blacksmith

    Of course he couldn’t judge them it would have been a judgment of approval, which he basically did anyway, then he diverts the conversation in a very typical islamist fashion.

  • Martin Luffa

    The Imam has a point about double standards when it comes to the issue of divided loyalty.

    • I take this to be an anti-Jewish statement? If so, here’s how I would answer it. “Divided loyalty” implies contrary interests – but when the interests are in common, dual loyalty is not divided. Objectively, the interests of Israel and the West are essentially the same. Those in the West who are against Israel (the leftists, and there are birds of same feather in Israel too) are really against the West and for its enemies (the Moslems).

      • Martin Luffa

        “I take this to be an anti-Jewish statement?”

        Of course you do. No it is not.

        I think that if someone of Belorussian background but born in France and enjoying French standards of living goes to Belarus to serve in THEIR army would also be displaying divided loyalty.

        I will always take the non-Muslim side over the Muslim. That’s a no-brainer. But the question remains… If one considers themselves French, why isn’t one joining the French military? Does only one group get a pass for an act of divided loyalty that proves one is merely a convenient Frenchman?

        • Hi Martin. “No it is not” – glad to know, thanks.

          “I think that if someone of Belorussian background but born in France and enjoying French standards of living goes to Belarus to serve in THEIR army would also be displaying divided loyalty.” – Why so? France and Belorussia are not at odds are they? Dual loyalty is not necessarily divided.

          “If one considers themselves French, why isn’t one joining the French military?” Actually there are many Moslems in the French military. That is a problem in the medium or long term, probably. I recently read a projection that there will be a 40% ratio of Moslems in the French military in a number of years (I forgot the number). Which way will these people go when they need to choose?

          Personally, though not French, I have much love for France, as for many Western countries, due to shared values. Everything is a matter of values, not of birthplace or passport.

          • Martin Luffa

            I see that you are an open borders advocate.

          • No.

          • Martin Luffa
          • I agree with most of what he (DP) says there. I regard Islam as in form a distorted form of Judaism (originally), sort of a funny mirror reflection gone completely mad, taking the worst of aspects of ancient Judaism and making them even worse. Judaism nowadays, as an overall average of a wide range of attitudes by Jews, is closer in values to Christianity and to secular society. The great majority of Jews favor Western values such as democracy, freedom, etc. Incidentally, France was the first nation to grant Jews equal rights.

        • moraywatson

          I can owe my utmost loyalty to Canada and be conservative, liberal, socialist, black, yellow, pink, Christian or Jewish. But I cannot owe my utmost loyalty to Canada if I am muslim, because that loyalty is existentially pledged to allah and his messenger.

          • No – I do not think that loyalty to a god and his messenger as such would be a problem in principle. In the case of Islam, the problem is that Islam demands that its proponents take over the whole world, by force if necessary, and impose its god and messenger and their laws down everyone’s throat against their will (those that have not been killed).

          • moraywatson

            And that doesn’t contradict anything I said.

          • The difference is between freedom of religion (a god and his messenger) and the will to impose foreign laws (which is the political aspect of Islam). In Judaism, there is a universally accepted rule (a halakhah) that “the law of the land is the law” – meaning that Jews in principle accept the law of the land they are living in. In Islam, there is no such rule (sharia) – Moslems want to impose their laws on others. E.g. if Moslems are not allowed to draw Mohammed, then no one may draw Mohammed (even non-Moslems, who never accepted Islam). That is the problem shaking the world today.

          • To give a concrete example. Until about a thousand years ago, Judaism allowed polygamy. Then an important rabbi in Europe decreed that henceforth it should be forbidden. This was mainly because the discrepancy with Christian practice was causing tensions, but also because the rabbis agreed that monogamy was more decent and respectful to women. All Jewish communities soon adopted this decree, even in Moslem lands. Such adaptation is not found in Islam, as can be seen in the fact that Moslems in the West continue to have more than one wife.

  • winniec

    Cop out. Silence is approval. And obviously, the mullah is the source of the jihad ideology. Traitor. Treachery is considered an admirable trait by Muslims since it is the Sunna of the pedophile-pirate.

  • Xavier

    Equivocation. Joining a state sponsored army like the Israeli Defense Force is not the same as joining an Islamic terrorist army, but he wants us to believe that it is.

  • chayisun

    Take any “head” of any mosque anywhere in the world and this clown in this town in France perfectly describes the mindset of muslims. Liars, backstabbing, violent loving “leaders” of the Islamic cult who approve of the disgusting practices of this 7th century bloodthirsty so called religion. this is no more a religion then Porky Pig is a muslim..

    • simus1

      Watched a very interesting program recently which surprised me with its outline of how islam may have started out and the reason for the strange lack of archeological evidence or detailed comment for the first half century by writers at the time.
      In a nutshell, the theory is that mo’s early obscure islam was not the trigger for conquest by semi pagan desert arabs in their periodic plundering forays up to Jerusalem and its environs. It was at this time while occupying the “city” that they came to the conclusion that they also needed a more robust counter to the Jewish and Christian religions there and they proceeded to stick together something exclusive and compulsory derived from mo’s ramblings that would be firmly based back in their desert homeland.

      • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8
        I think it may have been Tom Holland’s documentary: Islam – The Untold Story. It was posted on this site but I don’t call who posted it.

        • simus1

          Yes, I believe that is it.

  • Hard Little Machine

    France will soon create Islamic Autonomous Regions across France. Sometimes a town or city sometimes whole regions. Oh it’s coming – grab your burqa and your head chopping knife. Infidel French will have three options if they happen to reside in those zones – move, convert, or die. Again, even with 600,000 Jews in France threatened, about half of them are a generation from complete assimilation. This will leave about 300,000 who will have to decide whether to flee or whether to get in their attics like Anne Frank. Once most of those 300,000 leave – whatever the headchoppers of peace have in store for France that’s their problem and we won’t care.