French Muslim leader asks gov’t to ‘criminalize insulting religion’

Abdelkebir Kotbi

Insulting sacred symbols of all religions should be a crime in France, the director of the Union of Islamic Organizations of France told The Anadolu Agency in an exclusive interview Saturday.

Abdelkebir Kotbi’s comments came after 17 people were killed in two Paris attacks in recent days…

…Kotbi criticized the magazine’s latest issue and said that Muslims should use all legitimate and democratic means to respond to provocations against them, but must avoid violence.

“Islam is a religion of tolerance and carries a message of peace,” he said.

Kotbi also said that after the terrorist attacks in Paris, French Muslims have suffered a violent backlash.

“The French government decisively needs to fight against Islamophobia, which is on a dramatic rise,” Kotbi added. “Insulting any prophet is very likely to stimulate some kind of legal response. It should not be allowed under French law.”