France sends 3 wannabe jihadists to prison

A Paris court has sentenced three French youths to prison for having attempted to make their way to Yemen and Somalia in 2012 to fight alongside Islamist extremists. It was the first trial of its kind since France last week was hit by a string of deadly terrorist attacks.

Le Parisien said the three men, who were not named, were ordered to serve between four to 10 years in prison.

The ruling comes as France has vowed to crack down on racism, hate speech and those glorifying terrorism – including on Twitter – following the bloody attacks that left 17 people dead.

In a message sent out to the country’s prosecutors and judges on Wednesday, France’s Justice Ministry specified the legal basis for arresting people defending or condoning the Paris terror attacks, or supporting racism or anti-Semitism.

But the arrests had already started, and by Wednesday afternoon, the ministry said 54 people had been detained, including a 15-year-old girl who referred to the Kouachis as “my brothers”.

  • ontario john

    But the real problem facing the world today is Islamaphobia. Yes, he’s baaaaack. Haroooon has a new opinion piece in the Sunday Star where he explains to us that the biggest threat to the world is islamaphobia. Strange, I haven’t seen any mosques being burned down. But plenty of Christian churches are being burned downed in Africa over the cartoons. Cartoons that were published by a leftist atheist magazine. But hey what does that matter to the religion of peace, when they can find any excuse to persecute Christians. I think Christianophobia is more of a problem. You don’t even have to be muslim to persecute Christians. The commie Chinese love to wreck churches and throw Christians in jail.

  • winniec

    Reopen Devil’s Island. Islamism is sociopathy.

  • Can the French arrest 6,000,000 muslims? If not, there will still be a threat.

    • Petrilla

      No but if they had any courage, they would make it pretty miserable to be a sympathiser. Arresting 3 and giving them a light sentence won’t work, will it? And the UK saying they can’t remove the mentor of the Paris murderers because he has a right to a family life won’t either! The free world must fight fire with fire and damn the torpedoes.

      • They could start by arresting 100% of the mullahs. They whip the most devout believers into a killing frenzy. That sounds like a crime to me.

  • phuque uguugle

    HAVE they taken Kobani yet? Killing civilians and making propaganda is all they can do.