Focus on Nigeria: The Baga Massacre – Boko Haram Islamic Terrorists Control 6 Times More Territory Than ISIS

The rapid expansion of territory seized by jihadist groups is one of the worst geo-political developments in recent years.

Boko Haram in Nigeria, the Islamic State (Isis) in Syria and Iraq and the Afghan Taliban have all violently brought land under their control…

…Boko Haram, an armed radical Islamist group whose name translates as “Western education is forbidden”, is murdering and pillaging its way across Nigeria. Its reach also touches border countries, such as Cameroon, Niger and Chad.

In the latest deadly assault, over 2,000 innocent Nigerians were slaughtered – including pregnant women and children – as Boko Haram razed entire towns to the ground.

The group, thought to be led by Abubakar Shekau, is also known for kidnapping schoolgirls and forcing them into marriage with their fighters, as well as using child soldiers…

unnamed-5Update, THIS JUST IN: Suspected Boko Haram fighters kidnap around 80 in Cameroon

Plus coverage at The Daily Mail.

  • winniec

    Abubakar Shekau their leader said, ‘I am making war on Christians generally.’ That is the DEFINITION OF GENOCIDE.

    Why was this not noted by any of the great powers?

  • I do not wish to see this suffering but having learned that the Israelis gave the Nigerians drones that were neglected, one can see that the Nigerian government is both incompetent and impotent:

    Who is supposed to fix Nigeria’s problems for it?

  • Alain

    Well, this is the method used by the Muslims to spread Islam to black Africa, so it really isn’t anything new or different. In fact this is the only way that Islam managed to gain “converts” and to spread beyond the Arabian peninsula. Yet this historical fact is ignored by black Americans who wrongly associate Islam with their roots. The other irony is that blacks, be they Muslim or not, are still considered inferior to the Arabs and are looked upon as slave material.