Why Hitler Wished He Was Muslim

The Führer admired Atatürk’s subordination of religion to the state—and his ruthless treatment of minorities.

‘It’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion,” Hitler complained to his pet architect Albert Speer. “Why did it have to be Christianity, with its meekness and flabbiness?” Islam was a Männerreligion—a “religion of men”—and hygienic too. The “soldiers of Islam” received a warrior’s heaven, “a real earthly paradise” with “houris” and “wine flowing.” This, Hitler argued, was much more suited to the “Germanic temperament” than the “Jewish filth and priestly twaddle” of Christianity.

  • Martin B

    Hitler & Mo, birds of a feather.

    Manly? Hygienic? I’d like to know what’s manly about bowing down in front of another man’s butt five times a day. Then there’s the wipe your ass with your left hand rule…

    • Judging by community sanitary conditions in Muslim nations Hitler must have been smoking something.

  • cmh

    Hitler used the Grand Mufti al Husseini as his human image of a Muslim. No doubt this is why he considered followers of Islam to be clean, strong etc as the Mufti never faltered in his impeccible personal grooming and unshakable zeal and commitment to his faith.

    • He was very devout, especially in his hatred of Jews.

  • James Hamilton

    Another proof ‘hitler’ was a first rate moron.
    He came up with the theory of ‘Super Aryan’ race and didn’t know that islam destroyed Aryan race & culture when they invaded ‘Persia’ & ‘Caucasus’??

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Hitler would have eventually erased what he would have referred to as the muzzle’em untermunsche. They simply were not Aryan.

  • DMB