What is going wrong in France’s prisons?

France’s prison population is estimated to be 70 per cent Muslim – and yet there are fewer imams visiting French prisons than British. Critics of the French state say it is no surprise that Islamist recruiters, like those who enticed Paris terrorists Cherif Kouachi and Amedy Coulibaly, are finding prison a fertile hunting ground

The words that drifted into Karim Mokhtari’s ear were balm for a battered soul.

Inside the prison, where he was serving a ten-year sentence for armed robbery, Mr Mokhtari had finally – after a childhood spent in special educational establishments, teenage years carrying out ever greater acts of delinquency on the orders of his violent stepfather, and time spent in 15 different prisons – found someone to help.

The elderly inmate who befriended Mr Mokhtari spoke of peace, calm and spiritual fulfilment.

“I was searching for hope,” Mr Mokhtari told The Telegraph. “When you arrive in prison you feel completely abandoned. You get there and you need to find some strength. When someone holds out a hand, you take it.”

After six months of spiritual guidance, Mr Mokhtari’s fellow inmate told him what he really needed to do, upon release, to seek salvation: travel to Iraq, and “kill the infidels”.

Three years after Mr Mokhtari was released, another inmate was following a very similar path. But, unlike Mr Mokhtari, this one would succumb to the brainwashing behind bars – and carry out, on January 7, the worst terrorist attack in France for over 50 years…

  • winniec

    The Religion of Male Chauvinism, Misogyny, Kafirophobia, Jihadist kleptomania, Religious Rape-ology, Xenophobia, Bronze Age culture, Tribalism, Functional Illiteracy and 50-Generations of Inbreeding!
    Wow! Please bring more of these economic refugees to our shores!

  • winniec

    Islam is the only religion that says being a barbarian is a good thing…that’s why convicts love it.

    • Islam approves aberrant behavior.

    • Frau Katze

      It seems clear to me, but what of the pious articles whining about their “hijacked” religion? How come no other religion is ever “hijacked”? There must be something odd about it.

      • BillyHW

        I’ve always wondered that too.

  • Everyone Else

    BABI baloney

    the article blames the french penal system

    it’s always about Blaming Anything But Islam

    • terrence

      muslims are VICTIMS – they must be they always claim to be

  • WalterBannon

    What is going wrong in France’s prisons?

    Nothing a few canisters of Sarin gas would not fix….

  • Censored_often

    Ban the freedom of religion from all prisons. Period. Problem solved.
    As for muzloid scum in such high percentages in the first place, this proves the regressive nature of their religion and culture.

    • Xavier

      Here in the U.S., you could use the liberal ‘separation of church and state’ belief to your advantage. Prisons are run by the state just as schools and courthouses are, and they have been precluded from containing anything related to religion.

      • Frau Katze

        I think you’re wrong…there are Muslim imams in US prisons — I’ve read about. Shia convicts whining that they don’t have a Shia imam, etc.

        • Xavier

          Perhaps you aren’t aware of the second favorite phrase of a U.S. liberal – right behind “racist!” – it’s “the Constitution guarantees a separation of Church and State”. The fact that the U.S. Constitution says no such thing doesn’t prevent progressive judges from striking the 10 Commandments from Courthouses and nativity scenes from schools during Christmas Winter Holiday.

          So, if we wanted, we could use the liberals own argument against religion in prisons, since they are a state run hotbed of Islamic extremism now.

          Above, when I said “they have been precluded” I was referring to “schools and courthouses”, not prisons. I could have worded that better.

  • BillyHW

    Isn’t multiculturalism grand?

  • ed

    uk prison report to the department of justice 2013-2014 ,buddists prisoners 22 , jewish 120 , combined Sikh/hindu 786 , muslim 14,594 . yes fourteen thousand !! [I have the report on a pdf file]