The problem with Islam

The distorted mutation that is Islamic fundamentalism has to be acknowledged; many Muslims recognize there is a problem, which is not just a handful of Jihadists involved in terrorism.

The WZB Berlin Social Science Center conducted a similar surveyon the viewpoints of Muslims in Western Europe. The findings show that 65 percent support the implementation of Sharia law, with 75 percent stating that Sharia has only one interpretation. And there are numerous and various surveys that reveal far more worrying data. One such poll, which made waves recently, determined that 27 percent of the Muslims in France support Islamic State. OK, so some surveys may be a little suspect; but the serious ones clearly show that the picture is bleak even without the need for any exaggeration.


Most polls reveal another alarming finding – support for fundamentalism, Islamic State or terrorism is higher among second and third-generation Muslims. The trend, thus, is not one of integration, but of radicalization and Islamization instead.

  • marty_p

    Here’s a good Op Ed on the subject (coincidentally has the same title as BCF’s label for this thread):,7340,L-4615879,00.html

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I’m starting to get the message from da guvmint…look after your own security, we don’t even want to get involved. Looks like WW3 is going to be fought as worldwide street-brawls between packs of lone-wolf amateurs.