The organized Islamic campaign to silence criticism of Islam

This article summarizes the Islamic jihad against the freedom of speech that I have spoken and written about for years — you can get a great deal of information about the OIC’s war against free speech in my 2008 book Stealth Jihad and my 2013 book Arab Winter Comes to America.

It is remarkable that the Washington Post, which usually aids and abets this campaign to smear and defame foes of jihad terror, would publish this. They did so because the author is a Muslim with (from the looks of this article) an apparent breezy confidence in an imminent massive reformation of Islam. Thus the Post editors can publish this piece without fear of appearing “Islamophobic” themselves.

Unfortunately, that reform not on the horizon, and there is no mention in this piece of an even bigger elephant in the room: the fact that those who try to silence (either with violence or by destroying their reputations) those who speak negatively about jihad terror can point to passages of the Qur’an and Sunnah to support their actions. Muhammad had people who criticized him murdered in cold blood; why shouldn’t Hamas-linked CAIR and the “Islamophobia” mongers try to ruin the careers and lives of critics of jihad? That’s comparably moderate.

  • CMH

    In keeping with the tone of this story, would you consider doing an immediate piece on the shutdown of ‘Atlas Shrugs’ which is a huge story considering the amount of traffic the site gets and how the take down coincided with the AFDI rally in Texas etc? I also would hope any feature story be done immediately while it is fresh and still happening as opposed to next week. This is urgent. thx.

    • I did post on the DDos attack yesterday with a link to donate.

  • ontario john

    Islam is the greatest threat to Western democracies yet the leftist media is going overboard in protecting and even promoting islam. The leftist control of the media is the second biggest threat to our Western freedoms. The nothing to do with islam approach they take is insane. The complaints section in the editorial section of the Toronto Saturday Star is a case in point. She supports the Star not publishing the cartoons because we should not offend islam. Yet she admits the Star was in trouble with the press standards assoc. for their bias against Christian evangelicals.

    • It is sickening to see how many in government, the media and academia would surrender freedom to these savages.