The Myth of Islamophobia

“Whenever people outside of the media say that journalists are afraid to criticize Muslim radicals or print cartoons the radicals find offensive is because journalists are afraid they’re going to be blown up, I tell them that is not true. The truth is that they loathe ordinary unenlightened people more than they fear jihadists. There is always this great unwashed mob of right-wing lunatics just looking for an excuse to carry out pogroms against Muslims in the wake of Islamic terrorism. The fact that these Muslim-bashing episodes are always just that — episodic, I mean — never seems to change their minds.”

  • ed

    ” islamonausea” is more apt !

  • Xavier

    Attention Moslem-lites: Your religion created these monsters; your religion needs to eradicate them.

    If you won’t, the consequences are your fault, not ours.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Make up a list of things that muzzle’ems irrationaly fear…bacon, vino, women behind the wheel, black dogs, lobsters, glimpses of womens’ ankles….muzzle’ems fear so much, I only worry about muzzle’ems killing people.

  • Observer

    A phobia is an unrealistic fear.

    The Koran says that all disbelievers must either be killed, convert, or if useful (for now) to the believers treated as third-class citizens and forced to pay a tax the jizyya regularly or if they won’t be killed.

    That is not an unrealistic fear considering its 1400 year history of murder and slavery that still goes on in many parts of the world today.