Scottish paper accused of xenophobia and racism in story about beggars

Protesters who accused a Scottish weekly newspaper of xenophobia and racism staged a rally outside its offices.

About 30 people gathered outside the Ayrshire Post to complain about last week’s front page story, headlined “Beggar off”, which claimed “roving eastern European gangs” and “lone-wolf Scottish scroungers” were earning up to £200 a day by begging on the streets of Ayr.

The demonstrators objected to the descriptions used in the story and, following the protest, the terms were removed in an an amended version of the story published online. A petition signed by 600 people called on the paper to apologise for “targeting the vulnerable poor and homeless”.

Complaints were also aired on social media. A message on Facebook page said the article had used “xenophobic, racist and inciteful language”…

  • WalterBannon

    nuke scotland too, but first the other muslim countries

    • Icebow

      Britain’s nuclear deterrent is based there, but there’s always one V-sub not at home, with about 42 warheads. I wouldn’t try it if I were you!

  • Xavier

    Well, it puts Eastern Europeans on an equal footing with Moslems, race-wise. Always look on the sunny side of life.

  • Uncle_Waspy

    Were panhandling not so lucrative, you wouldn’t see so many panhandlers.

    Remember the story of Toronto’s “Shaky Lady”? Pathetic wretched woman in rags with a crude cardboard sign saying “Please Give. I will pray for you!” She slumped against a building in the Bay Street area, and did the fake palsey thing. Somebody tipped off a Sun reporter — said that at the end of the day, when all the biz people went home, she got up and the shakes miraculously stopped, and she got into a waiting car.

    Reporter Mike Stroebel watched her from the Tim Horton’s. Figured she cleared about $100 in the time it took him to finish his coffee and bagel.

  • ontario john

    Satanic islam is taking over Europe, yet thousands march in protest when two lesbians are kicked out of a bar for kissing. But then leftists and the leftist controlled media are cowards when it comes to islam. This afternoon I briefly glanced at two muslim shows on tv. A Christian show was taken off the Christian network recently for its stand against homosexuals and islam, yet today the one muslim show was denouncing homosexual sex. Their will be no outcry about this of course. The other show was ranting about Jesus not being the son of God and is a follower of islam. No outcry will be heard about that either, even though its offensive, but leftists are only upset when muslims are offended.

  • Zaba

    Once again, shooting the messenger……

  • ed

    street begging in England is an illegal recordable offence , 1842 vagrancy act , Scotland hasn`t quite caught up yet , the Scottish parliament is trying to bring it in line with England this year

  • Pontifex Maximus

    The SNP is stupidly pro-diversity unto death; William Wallace is cursing them with all of his will!

    • Frau Katze

      The SNP are insane! Sensible Scots left the place long ago (many bound for Canada). I wonder if there’s been a “depletion” effect with so much emigration.