Record numbers of French turn to tranquilizers after Charlie Hebdo attack

People in France have reportedly consumed a record number of tranquilizers over the week that followed the deadly Charlie Hebdo attack, with the intake increasing by 20 percent in just a few days.

The research was conducted by French health data consultancy firm Celtipharm, the Times reported.

After contacting 4,800 chemists, Celtipharm reported skyrocketing consumption of tranquilizers over the several days after the attack. Between January 9 and 13 there was an 18.2 percent rise.

“This type of phenomenon has never been observed before,” Celtipharm CEO Patrick Guerin told The Times.

“Our historical data shows this is the first time we can link an event to a pharmaceutical consequence,” Amandine Galliou, a spokeswoman for Celtipharm, also said.

  • Reader

    I think the overuse of tranquilizers by the public is how the politicians were able to make such massive changes to the societies they were supposed to serve with so little public outcry.

  • Dana Garcia

    No increase in drinking the famous French wine??

    What’s happened to tradition?

  • The drug called “leftist multiculturalism” has been overused for way too long.

  • pdxnag

    Soma, from Brave New World. It has been decades since I read it, maybe it is time to reread it.

  • cmh

    This helps dull the pain of the sword cutting into their neck as their head is chopped off.