President of Pakistan wants Charlie Hebdo to apologise for hurting Muslims

A demonstration against the cartoons turned violent in Karachi as the crowd started marching towards the French consulate (AFP). Source.

ISLAMABAD: President Mam­noon Hussain condemned on Friday publication of controversial cartoons in a French magazine and sought apology from its management for hurting the sentiments of Muslims.

In a statement, the president said that freedom of expression did not permit anyone to hurt religious sentiments or beliefs of other people.

“The French magazine hurt the religious beliefs of Muslims and for this its management should tender an apology,” he said.

Mr Hussain said that Muslims gave due respect to all religions because they were not deemed to be good Muslims unless they believed in all the holy books and Prophets…

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Countrywide protests against caricatures: In Rawalpindi, dozens of rallies, led by the JI and Sunni Tehreek, were taken out. Participants chanted slogans against France and called for execution of those who committed blasphemy against the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).

CH-protests-Peshawar2Protest in Peshawar

Protests in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, FATA against printing of profane cartoons: The rally passed a resolution demanding of the federal government to cut off diplomatic ties with France and expel French ambassador from the country…

…Mr Ayaz [Peshawar High Court Bar Association’s secretary general] said that the French magazine had continuously been hurting the sentiments of Muslims in the name of freedom of expression…

CH-protest-PeshawarProtest in Peshawar