Ontario Liberals break the law!

New audio recordings reveal the Ontario Liberals made illegal deals with one of its candidates to drop out of the Sudbury byelection for a more favourable candidate.

  • minuteman

    The leader of the opposition should take it to the fed level,

  • Progressive Liberal

    I am sure the OPP were trying to protect Andrew Olivier by refusing to listen to his tape recordings.

    I hope that Andrew Olivier is investigated for breaching so many peoples privacy by tape recording his conversations with them and that criminal charges are brought against him for these outrageous actions seeking the maximum jail time!

    • Brenda2600

      Actually, since this gentleman is disabled, he actually takes notes this way. You would think the great grandma would know her liberal candidate who is disabled and unable to take written notes that he uses a recorder. I hope in fact she is jailed for bribery along with the mafia–i.e. Sobara.

    • Maggat

      Are you serious?

  • DMB

    Kathleen Wynne is the Teflon Don where nothing sticks to her no matter what she does. She would make the late mafia boss John Gotti blush.