NYTimes editor doubles down: Don’t offend Muslims, offend Catholics and Jews

Nothing we couldn’t have guessed from the New York Times’s reporting on the Middle East which is heavily slanted in favor of Muslims and against Jews.

As previously noted, the Times has a history of publishing artwork and cartoons that have offended both Jews and Christians. See its coverage of Chris Ofili’s “The Holy Virgin Mary” in 1999, which very much offended the Catholic League; an Iranian exhibition of “anti-Jewish art” in 2006; and an Iranian cartoonist’s “anti-Jewish caricatures” in 2010. So, at least up until Dean Baquet’s tenure as executive editor, which began last year, the Times’ policy against “gratuitous insult” did not preclude offensive religious images…

The image of the prophet Muhammad, however, seems to occupy its own category, with its own rules. Last week, Baquet told me via email that as editor of the Times he had to consider “the Muslim family in Brooklyn who read us and is offended by any depiction of what he sees as his prophet.”


But as the Times emphasizes itself, its sensitivity to Islam goes back to the 1970’s. I can only conclude that NYT sees Christians and Jews as “the establishment,” whilst Muslims are a “protected minority”.  

This pattern is seen repeatedly in the media, I scarcely need to add.  Their mindset is stuck in the 1960’s.