Martin Kramer on apologist Jeffrey Sachs

Jeffrey Sachs, the overbearing oracle of Morningside Heights, reassures us: “To be clear, Western actions do not provide Islamist terrorism with a scintilla of justification.” He’s right: it’s not Western actions but Jeffrey Sachs who does all the justifying. Why not save the jihadis the trouble, hold a grenade to our breasts, and pull the pin?

The War with Radical Islam
Jeffrey D. Sachs, Professor of Sustainable Development, Professor of Health Policy and Management, and Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, is also Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on the Millennium Development Goals. His books include The End of Poverty and Common Wealth.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls was not speaking metaphorically when he said that France is at war with radical Islam. There is, indeed, a full-fledged war underway, and the heinous terrorist attacks in Paris were part of it. Yet, like most wars, this one is about more than religion, fanaticism, and ideology. It is also about geopolitics, and its ultimate solution lies in geopolitics as well…

…We in the West hate to acknowledge – and most refuse to believe – that our leaders have been flagrantly wasteful of Muslim lives for a century now, in countless wars and military encounters instigated by overwhelming Western power…

The problem with arguments based on Western imperialism is that Islamic violence is occurring in areas that outside that area. It would really be stretching things to blame the UK for Boko Haram in Nigeria.

The southern Philippines and southern Thailand are two other examples.