Islam & France Headed For Clash

“…And when Charlie Hebdo printed a memorial cover this week that had a picture of its controversial cartoon character “Muhammad” on it, it was as if the attacks had never happened: Muslim community spokesmen, even moderate ones, issued dire warnings about the insult to them and their coreligionists. To many Muslims in France and the rest of Europe, the new drawings were evidence not that the terrorists had failed to kill a magazine but that the French had failed to heed a warning. Impressive though the post-attack memorial marches were, “the working classes and the North African and West African immigrant kids weren’t there,” as the president of France’s Young Socialists told the newspaper Le Temps.”

  • Ron MacDonald

    Islam will be the big loser.

  • Una Salus

    Sign condemns acts of barbarity. Doesn’t say if they were committed by cartoonists or jihadists.

  • Observer
  • Euro/Islamic civil war is on the event horizon. It is far too late to undue the damage without bloodshed.

    Asking Muslims to leave will get close to nowhere.

    Trying to reform Islam from the outside might work, but it will take time and blood will flow.

    Europe could “submit” and become an integral part of the Islamic problem. Some leftist might think this would work. (It won’t.)

    Expect a growing, low grade civil war, similar to what happened to Lebanon.

  • cmh

    they are way past ‘heading for a clash’.