How Has Britain Benefited From Muslim Immigration? Islamists To Hold Rally Attacking Freedom Of Speech

And of course George Galloway is involved. I don’t think the rally should be banned as it perfectly illustrates the danger posed by Islamic immigration into what had once been a free and democratic society.

UKIP criticised after calling for Bradford city centre protest to be banned

“I have raised my concern to Bradford Council that this is not only disrespecting the people who died in Paris but could potentially be very inflammatory.

“It could bring our city further in to disrepute both on the national and world stage.

“All Bradford communities should be protesting against the murders in Paris, not protesting against newspapers drawing satirical cartoons. “This will almost certainly be a disaster for Bradford’s reputation.”

muslims attack free speech2Speaking about UKIP’s call for a ban on the demonstration, Mr Galloway said: “This is an attempt to go against freedom of speech. This is a protest which remembers the dead in Paris but also raises concerns about the way that Muslims are particularly being denigrated.

“The meeting will go ahead as planned.”

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This poster contains an more explicit threat and attack on Free Speech.

The event Facebook page, Our Prophet, Our Honour is at this link.