Feedom of speech? You having a laugh?

In the last few years we have seen a sustained attack on free speech by politicians, the PC fraternity, and a whole range of outfits like the BBC. Muslims are bound to be confused when we are allowed to lampoon their Prophet but not gays. It’s all a huge mess.

After the wave of outrage over Paris comes the outrage over the attack on ‘free speech’. So we now have a new wave of hypocrisy. Everyone is fulminating against an horrendous attack on free speech. Our masters are loudest whilst simultaneously proposing more draconian ‘snooping laws.

They have been telling us for years that being rude, abusive, insulting or just plain nasty about other peoples’ colour, religion, sexual orientation or what-have-you is unacceptable, and passing ‘hate speech’ legislation to make sure we get the message.

The response of the French Government has been to arrest an obscure comedian.

Now it’s quite OK. Or not. When did ‘free speech’ ever happen? The truth is we haven’t got it and have never had it fully.

‘Free speech’ is what our masters allow us, and what they, not us, define as ‘free’, as one wag put it. Until the libertarian sixties changed almost everything, we had precious little.