Charlie Hebdo Had It Comin!

“Andrew Neil looks at the arguments over the printing of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad with Muslim comic Shazia Mirza and journalist Nabila Ramdani, and resident commentators Labour Party MP Dianne Abbott and broadcaster Michael Portillo.”

Worth a listen just for Islamist journalist Nabila Ramdani saying white males should not have an opinion on the matter and the Hebdo cartoons constitute race hate.

She’s quite a piece of work and as the host states far more representative of the Muslim community in her opinions than the Liberal Muslim comic.

h/t The Muslim Issue

  • pdxnag

    Would a cannibal be “offended” if I were to publicly express horror and revulsion at such a religious/political practice?

    If I cannot offend them I cannot change their practice of eating their own species, perhaps even me. Under ModernMultiCultural rules it would apparently be less offensive to embrace cannibalism and eat them rather than offend them. But eating them is itself a means of giving offense to an enemy, and to strike terror.

    Islamic inspired terror, the more gruesome and terrifying the better, is likewise itself just a product of mandatory jihadic conquest over the unbeliever that involves the lesser-included notion of giving “offense.” Muslims use death to offend, not cartoons.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    They played the taqiyya and kitman trump-cards… used as the tried-and-true plaster, to patch up the many holes in their drafty “opinions”.

  • bob e

    that is the best 4 people they could find ??