Caving to Iran

Just as John Kerry was meeting with his Iranian counterpart Javad Zarif in Geneva last week as part of the ongoing negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, Tehran announced it was building two new nuclear reactors in the Bushehr region. That’s perfectly okay, said the State Department, since that’s allowed under the Joint Plan of Action: They can build as many reactors as they want. It seems the Iranians can get away with a lot under the JPOA—the agreement reached in November 2013 that eased sanctions on Tehran—because the White House has hardly batted an eye over any of Iran’s actions.

  • simus1

    Obama &Co seemed to be following an old script set in pre WW2 France.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …like handing a hand grenade to a monkey…

  • Observer

    Come on people. Why all the bitching?

    It is standard practice to implement the policies of your election campaign funders.

  • Hard Little Machine

    This was the quid pro quo Iran and Obama reached in mid 2012 – he won’t say they’ve already gone nuclear and neither will they. In exchange he gives them Iraq and Syria and they get to build more atom bombs. The US gets to threaten the Jews some more and scream that sanctions against Iran are treason against the Obama admin. In’shallah.

  • Achmed

    If Iran doesn’t get nuclear weapons who will destroy Israel for us to fulfill The Prophet’s words about the end times and the coming of the Mahdi?

  • Obama is a Muslim. What do you expect?

    It will only get worse as his time in office winds down.