Anti-Charlie Hedbo protests in Somalia and Pakistan: effigy of Hollande burnt by Pak lawyers

In Pakistan, lawyers burned an effigy of French president Francois Hollande, who today said those taking part in the protests ‘did not understand our attachment to freedom of speech’

Protests against Charlie Hebdo’s front cover have seen thousands more take to the streets – with students in Somalia declaring ‘Je Suis Muslim – and I love my Prophet’.

Students marched through Mogadishu on Saturday morning, three days after the commemorative edition of the satirical magazine went on sale…

…In Somalia, students had aped the catchphrase of Western marches ‘Je Suis Charlie’ – meant to show solidarity with the magazine – to ‘Je Suis Muslim, et j’aime mon Prophete’.

Translated, the sign means ‘I am Muslim, and I love my Prophet’…


Please feel free to stay in your own countries — you and your “prophet” are not wanted here.