Veil of euphemism around Islam and its bigots must now be lifted

In his autobiography, the much-maligned Tony Blair wrote that after 9/11 he thought the problem was only with a small number of crazies who had nothing to do with real Islam. But over time he came to understand that he was mistaken. He realised that the terrorist threat had the deepest roots in the most profound crisis of the Islamic world, which was in turn producing the most terrible fruits in ours.

And since 9/11 (before actually, but we were not looking) it has only taken a cursory glance at the daily news from the Islamic world, story after story, relentless and appalling, to confirm Blair’s argument; each new and shocking low has proven to be only another bloody station on the way to behaviour that has frankly departed from any human norms.

Yet the ‘small number of crazies’ idea just will not die. ‘There are a handful of wicked fanatics against the rest of us,’ argued Jonathan Freedland, in an otherwise astute piece of writing in the Guardian after the murder last week of 17 people in Paris.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    And yet we are supposed to trust politicians more and more with taking away our freedoms, coming up with more wars and the cycle seems as if it will just continue.

    How easily people are fooled because don’t forget the media that is mainstream including SNN they just accept what has occurred and just repeat the nonsense of mainstream politicians. Yes the Conservative party wants to continue the War on Terror which has achieved nothing. The same with the Liberals and the NDP but in subtle ways.

    Not surprising.

    The pope is correct because Jesus was for peace, nonviolence and many of the people on this site are not like Jesus at all in fact. I would call them rapturists. They are for the corporatist, warmongering agendas even though that means more wars, more of this fearmongering and quite frankly they just repeat government and mainstream propaganda without questioning.