Toronto Star Converts To Islam: Will uphold Sharia law & not commit Blasphemy by publishing the #CharlieHebdo Cartoons

Why the Star won’t run the Charlie Hebdo cartoons: Al-Cruickshank

Some journalists, including some of our own, argue the Star has a journalistic obligation to reprint the French magazine’s latest depiction of the Muslim prophet, Muhammad. This would show that terrorists can’t cow us and that we are willing to share the peril our colleagues at Charlie Hebdo courted.

But committing blasphemy for reasons of principle seems an oddly childish act in a society as secular and as safe as our own. And this publication has no desire to try to shape its readers into good little French leftists.

More than a million Canadians say they are of the Muslim faith; more than 600,000 are Ontarians. Many recent immigrants have issues with underemployment and concerns about the future prospects of their children.

They are doubly vulnerable in a period of protracted economic sluggishness because they are both a small and a very visible minority. And they feel that events far away have put them under suspicion.

Committing Blasphemy!!! OMG the Star has converted to Islam!!!