The rise of Pegida

They’ve grown from a small Facebook community to a worldwide phenomenon. Sabine Devins looks at Pegida’s rise to prominence and what it is they really stand for as the movement spreads across Europe.

The average Pegida marcher is surprisingly average. He’s 48, lives in Saxony, is educated and has a slightly higher than average income for the state of Saxony. He claims no political party affiliation and doesn’t belong to a church.

That’s according to the Technical University in Dresden, who on Wednesday released the first empirical survey on who is Pegida.

And every Monday, he turns up with thousands of others to chant “We are the people” or “Wir sind das Volk” in protest against what he believes is ruining Germany.

Pegida or the Patriots Against the Islamisation of the West is not just an evolution of the Hooligans against Salifists demonstrations that turned violent in Cologne in October. Nor is it an arm of the neo-nationalistic party, the National Democratic Party.

It is far too smart to get lumped in with those massively unpopular groups.

What began as a group on social media emerged from the virtual to the real world starting in early 2014.

On January 12th, 2015, the latest “evening walk” in Dresden attracted 25,000 participants in the wake of the killing of 12 staff at French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo at the hands of three Muslim men.


This is the first “favourable” coverage  PEGIDA has received in the German press that I have read. The German press and elites have pulled out all the stops in an attempt to smear the movement with the usual “Nazi” brush. Perhaps Merkel is sensing something in the wind, what else could have caused her recent moment of clarity on Islam; “They ask why they should believe the idea, repeated over and over again, that the murderers claiming to act in the name of Islam have nothing to do with Islam,” the chancellor said. “I explicitly say, these are justified questions”

Now contrast this portrait of PEGIDA with the MSM’s go to gang of “Anti-Discrimination” & “Tolerance” heroes:

Fascist ‘Anti-fascist’ mob rampages in Leipzig

A mass of 600 people stormed through central Leipzig on Thursday evening, attacking local government buildings, smashing shop windows, destroying police vehicles and spray painting anti-fasacist slogans along the way.

How low will Germany’s MSM sink to slander PEGIDA? This low:

Journalist played racist in interview to slander Pegida anti-Islamist movement

  • simus1

    Out of synch Merkel is like John Kerry reprising John Kennedy in Vietnam and suddenly receiving a call from home that fake war heros were passe with the DemocRats and he should immediately shoot himself in the foot and get out pronto.
    She is going to be in deeper crap the longer she dithers.

    • She is playing both sides of the fence and neither one well.

  • pdxnag

    They dared to stand up to the contemporary Islamo-Fascist multicultural Left alliance that rejects enlightenment and brands all white folks generally as devils. If you think of Louis Farrakhan as a normal dude then you might be on the wrong side of sanity.

  • eMan14

    The future will not belong to those who coddle the prophet of Islam.

    • I sure hope not, of course the Toronto Star thinks so.

  • David Murrell

    I awoke with a start, at 3:00am this morning (Friday morning) with an “ereeka! moment”. My wife and I had been watching CBC’s rather stale TV series “The Book of Negroes”, a badly produced and scripted series with lots of eye-rolling moments. A number of scenes in the first episode featured rather exaggerated abuse of black slaves by nasty white owners (one in particular).
    This gets me to thinking that the anti-Muslim movement must start adopting the Christian anti-slavery movement’s style and techniques, in the run up to the American civil war. This entails people writing novels like “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and so forth. There is an anti-Muslim movement, of course. All I am saying is that it should approach things from a pro-human rights posture, like the anti-slavery movement did.
    What I like about the above post is that it depicts the PEGIDA movement as being “moderate”. etc. We need a strong PEGIDA movement in Canada, as a start. We should see our lobbying effort at that of the fight, in the U.S., of having a Western state as a “free state” (without Muslims), as opposed to a “slave state” (with Muslims).
    One can go on with this analogy here, but won’t. But the fight against Islam is a pro-human-rights fight. We are at war with Islam, and it is a pro-human-rights war.

    • Censored_often

      Maybe some of the “Passages Canada” crowd wants to get involved? *sarc*

      Yikes! It appears not only the Toronto Star, but TD is sponsoring this jibberish, too, and not with editorial support but with $$$. I am very skeptical we can ever stop the muzzie immigration and refugee invaders to Canada!

      [Note: this post inspired by your comment, David, as well as a stomach churning poster I’m now looking at. Anyhow, if the Harper Conservatives bring in so much muzz, how much worse can JT be?]

      • Oh brother.

      • EarlyBird

        That’s pretty offensive, I don’t recall that a bird ever converted to islam 😀 I presume that fine fellow wearing the garbage bag is his new BFF Omar Khadr with his new waxed eyebrows.

        Now, I only hope that Pegida isn’t just some 4 months hype movement that will fade away. If it could mutate into some “Occupy Caliphate” with people building up camps in front of mosques with a perimeter of pigs heads now it would get interesting.

    • I like it;)

    • James Hamilton

      I second your motion.
      We certainly do need a PEGIDA like movement in Canada, otherwise we are lost. Can’t rely on any of the politician.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Who is prepared to start a Canadian chapter?

  • FactsWillOut

    I like to think that the Europeans will allow things to get really bad, then rise up in a bloodbath of staggering proportions.
    History seems to indicate that that’s how Europe rolls.
    The Muslims won’t know what hit ’em, as the white man’s fighting fury is unmatched in history.

    • Censored_often

      I hope you’re right. Let the Swedish Viking spirit rise first!

      *gasp* *cough* *grimace*