Sweden: From “Humanitarian Superpower” to Failed State

The Car-B-Que: A new custom introduced to Sweden by Muslim immigrants

Sweden’s “December Agreement” may be fairly described as a soft coup d’état; it has paved the way for Sweden’s demise. Six of the eight political parties in parliament have simply decided to exclude from the parliamentary process the only party to oppose mass immigration and defend Swedish culture. The new system may also be described as a consensual dictatorship.

The price tag for immigration is possibly 110 billion Swedish kroner (close to $14 billion) per year. That is a lot of money in a country with 10 million inhabitants. The politicians, however, keep insisting that immigration from third-word countries is an economic boon. Nor is it discussed in the media. Anyone even daring to mention that there may be a problem is labeled a “racist,” a “fascist,” or a “xenophobe.”

One may safely predict that Sweden’s goose will be cooked well before the December Agreement runs out in 2022. Its days as a free and democratic welfare state will be over. A population of perhaps eight million Swedes cannot accommodate and pay for perhaps four million such immigrants in eight years. It is as if the U.S. were to accept 150 million…