Russia says publication of #CharlieHebdo or any Mohammed cartoons are illegal

MOSCOW: Russia’s media watchdog on Friday warned publications that printing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was against the country’s law and ethical norms following the Charlie Hebdo attack in France.

“The publication in Russian media of such caricatures go against ethical and moral norms worked out over centuries,” said the media and communications watchdog Roskomnadzor.

“Disseminating caricatures on religious themes in the media can be considered insulting or humiliating to the representatives of religious confessions and groups, and qualified as inciting ethnic and relgious hatred”, an offence under Russian law, it said.

  • Frau Katze

    Russia is an authoritarian state. They want nothing that will cause any ripples on their pond.

    The Russian govt is committed to staying in power. Period. It is devoid of other principles.

    (Of this applies to governments everywhere).

    • jayme

      Russia for years while has had issues but one thing is they have protected there way of life but they seem to be switching to becoming a fully out Islamic state.

  • Russia has a massive Muslim problem. Not being about to talk about it is not going to help.

    When the Russians finally do something about it, it will get ugly fast.

  • Xavier

    Just out of curiosity, what countries still support free speech regarding pictures of The Pedophile?