Ottawa Mosque concerned by sharp rise in young men converting to Islam

The Ottawa Mosque

One of Ottawa’s largest mosques is reporting a sharp increase in the number of young men converting to Islam, which started after the deadly shootings on Oct. 22 at the National War Memorial and Parliament Hill.

Samy Metwally, the imam at the Ottawa Mosque, told CBC News he’s never seen so many young men coming in after a major incident, wanting to become Muslims.

He says it’s against his religious beliefs to turn them away.

Anywhere from 15 to 20 men in their 20s to 30s have come to the mosque to convert since the shootings, he said.

“This is the biggest number I have seen, by the way,” Metwally said. “This is the biggest number after an event like this happens, and it was strange”…

  • Censored_often

    (1) “He says it’s against his religious beliefs to turn them away.”

    Yeah, I’m certain it’s also against his “religious beliefs” to be concerned about the jihad against the west and the supremacy of sharia law.

    (2) “This is the biggest number I have seen, by the way,” Metwally said. “This is the biggest number after an event like this happens, and it was strange”…

    What is “strange” is that so many mentally ill young men are attracted to the satanic cult of Islam… On the other hand, maybe that is the well established sociological pattern! Wake up and smell the jihad!

    Police, RCMP, CSIS, get all names and information about “converts” to Islam and protect Canadians!

    • jayme

      Say there was 20 at this mosque that’s just one there is 20-30 major mosques around Ottawa who knows how many have converted.

    • David Murrell

      Hopefully one or two of the young men applying for jihad — er, I mean a conversion to Islam — are in fact CSISS or RCMP agents.

      • Censored_often

        …or Mossad. 🙂

      • Frau Katze

        I bet they’re not allowed to do that.

        • CMH

          Sure they’ll send in undercover pork eater Mubin Sheik …LOL

    • Rosenmops

      These young men probably see it like joining a gang.

  • Uncle_Waspy

    Strange? Not really. Like moths to a flame, the religion that glorifies lunacy would tend to attract the loonies.

  • G

    “Strange”? This is what is known as phony confusion.

    Leftist use this all the time. When they don’t have a quick response to something they pretend to not understand something.

    How often have you heard “I simply can’t understand conservatives that oppose …”(whatever).
    Conservatives may have explained themselves 1000 times but the person speaking will still say they don’t understand because they lack a thought out response.

  • David Murrell

    In the book “The Islamist” (2007):

    the writer, who was an ex-Islamist living in Britain, details, quite scathingly, the obnoxious way of life of radical Islami. One point he raises is that Islam is a natural attraction, as a way of life, for young men, especially uneducated young men with few work skills. He states that young men tend to be violent, and that Islam offers a lifestyle for these types of men. Islam advocates violence, so young men like that.

    So it is not that surprising that 15-20 men flock to the Ottawa mosque. They want action, bloody action.

  • DVult

    He’s just going on record with this so he can say he warned us when one of these guys commits a terrorist attack after being trained and encouraged in the mosque.

  • Frau Katze

    This wouldn’t stop the really determined but might weed a few out

    Imam Zijad Delic at the South Nepean Muslim Community agrees.

    “It is very much important that our leadership takes this seriously, prepares a program or arranges a program that will help teach people who would like to become part of community,” Delic said.

    “Give them an introductory 101 Islam program to teach them what Islam is all about, what Islam stands for in terms of personal development … family relations, relations with people of other faith groups, what Islam says about being a good, faithful, contributing citizen and … living with people who are different than you are.”

  • Hard Little Machine

    I would like to explore this in more detail. After all Jewish congregations all across North America have been losing membership for years. We need to understand the recruitment and membership efforts here a little better if only to exploit them for our own use.

    • David Murrell

      Good thinking here, but what you propose doesn’t square with Jewish thinking. Jewish synagogues to not teach its adherents to go out and murder people. Mosques do that.

      If there are any hot-blooded young Jewish men out there, they could try emigrating to Israel, to join the Israeli army. But then again, the Israeli army probably emulates the U.S., Canadian and other armies, in weeding out war loving, violence-loving men.

      I am currently reading a book (“13 Hours”) about the six ex-SEALS who defended the U.S. Benghazi mission, when it was attacked in 2012. These men, trained fighters, certainly did not welcome any fighting.

      • Hard Little Machine

        I meant it quite literally. The Muslims have an astounding ability to attract followers, not to the religion per se but to the organized facilities that support it. I would love to be able to fill the Jewish schools with that many new students.

        • David Murrell

          Ok, I see your point. I can give you my perspective as a church going Baptist, and the ideological split within our small church. I am in the minority in the church, who believes in unabashed evangelism, where we advertise, undertake mission work to attract new members and so forth. Because of the minority in our church, we are above to hold membership constant.

          What the bulk of my ministry work at the church is, is to run a fairly well-funded “benevolent ministry” to help both needy church members and non-members. I also help fund and run a free lunch program, were all who want lunch get a Sunday lunch at 11:30 am, which is done concurrently with Sunday school. So we get about 50-55 people for the 10:30am church service and about 30-35 for lunch and Sunday school (the latter is a fairly big number, considering).

          We also run one a month a “free dinner and a movie”. Tonight, ironically, we have this on, where we are having a free spaghetti dinner, and desert, at 5:30pm., and the movie, “Heaven is for Real”, at 6:30pm.
          These are three of the four ministries I work with, and notice that all three involve food. My point is this: church (and synagogues) must have active programs, to help people out in a meaningful way, to attract people to the churches. These are the churches that service, and even expand.

          A footnote: in the early 20th century, churches flourished, and did these sort of things. But more and more churches ignore this kind of ministry work. And “mainline churches” — the United Church, the Anglicans, etc. — don’t evangelize, nor do they do much community-centred ministry work. This is one reason they are in decline.

    • cmh

      72 virgins works well with young islamic men

    • Guest

      72 virgins in the afterlife and all the sex you desire is my best guess on why these young men want to join the Islamic jihad.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I would say that these converts see Islam adherents as winners and the rest of us as losers. That would explain why some of the most vicious terrorists in their ranks are doctors, engineers and other professionals.

  • jayme

    What concerns me in Ottawa is we use to have a huge jewish population now there is just around 20,000 while the muslim population is booming its around 120,000 now while its expected to be well over 200,000 with in the next 10 years.

  • cmh

    The Imams and the Muftis are the problem. Their sermonizing focuses exclusively on the Koran’s hate passages which are used to open and close all sermons and as well are repeated over and over during the entirety of the sermon.