Islam cannot disown jihadists driven by rage against history

Shi’ite Muslims pray at Karbala, Iraq

The Ottawa parliament, the Lindt cafe, Charlie Hebdo and so many others, too. These are all separate incidents, but they are all part of the same global phenomenon. They are expressions of a rage against history that lurks within modern Islam and is animating militant Muslims worldwide. It is a rage that has its source within the wounded soul of contemporary Islamic civilization…

….If such things happened only rarely, what we all face would be a different matter. But it is not uncommon. It is not even some sort of “groundhog day” affliction, an annual cause of occasionally returning distress.

It has become constant and recurrent: nonstop in Syria and Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East such as Yemen, and beyond as with Boko Haram in Nigeria and in Somalia and Kenya, and with the mass slaughter of schoolchildren by the Taliban in Pakistan; and now, all too frequently, it is repeated closer to us, whether in a museum in Belgium, in the Ottawa parliament, in Sydney’s Lindt Cafe or in Paris.

It floods in upon us, like US basketball games or our one-day international cricket matches over the summer. You barely have the time to think about the one that has just happened than there is another one, scarcely distinguishable from its predecessor, demanding your attention. It just goes on…

…The Muslim religion and its social world have an intensely political tradition. It has always been so, going back to Mohammed’s dual role as prophet and political leader in the original Islamic community in Madina from AD622 to 632. Within a century of Mohammed’s death his small desert polity, in what is now Saudi Arabia, had become a vast transcontinental empire. And in a succession of different political frameworks (“caliphates”), the community of Mohammed’s faithful continued to live in the world on its own founding assumptions.

For 1000 years, Islamic civilisation flourished. Not only able to live in the world on its own terms, it could also set those terms to others who came within its orbit. It was to be accepted by all, lovingly or in obligatory submission. How has the world of Islam justified this to itself?…


  • winniec

    “Islam cannot disown jihadists driven by rage”

    Why not? Because the slogan ‘Islam is peace’ is now dead. It was killed by the jihadists. Now it is being killed one by one by our leading politicians who are admitting that maybe there is a problem, a malaise within Islam…not that Islam itself is sick…of course.
    Of course, jihad is like Groundhog Day (the movie). The evil cruelty is always so similar and triumphant and gleeful every time…and every day…several times a day.

    Moreover, ‘Islam is peace’ is a dead slogan because of the many Westerners who are reading Islam’s original texts and learning that Islam is the Religion of Murder, Execution, Crucifixion, Beheading and Torture. Islam’s prophet said so: “Paradise is under the shade of spears.” Killing is the most blessed sacrament in Islam…killing and being killed brings the eternal whore house with rivers of wine denied on earth to the beta males who die to make the Islamic dictators richer.

    Yes, Muslims, there is now nowhere for you to hide your taqiyya and deceits. The mask of Islam will now never go back on. Thanks to your jihadists and their words and your mullahs’ justifications, WE…the WHOLE WORLD…have seen you…we have observed you and you can never go back to your situation of being unobserved. It’s finished, Muslims. It’s over.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Sounds a bit like Schrodinger’s cat.
      They can claim to be a religion of peace when locked in a box.
      Or they can be a bunch of murderers locked in a box.
      We can’t tell one way or the other as long as the box is locked.
      And they get to continue claiming they are a religion of peace.
      But, when we open the box by allowing them to immigrate we find that they are a bunch of murderers and no longer a religion of peace.

      • Frau Katze

        Nice comparison! I love it.

  • They cannot be disowned because jihad is inherent in Islam.

  • Martin B

    History is not the reason why the Islamic world is a colossal shithole. Islam is the reason. But the Muzz can’t admit this, even to themselves, so they rage against history instead.

  • pdxnag

    Here’s something to read, about the obvious pattern of violence in Islam:

    Center for Security Policy launches ‘Secure Freedom Strategy’ For Victory Over Global Jihad Movement

  • ed

    classic ” dar al-harb” incumbent on all muslims

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …”flourished”? Dude must use a different dictionary than me. Try “metasticized”.