Isis has fighters ‘just waiting for order to attack the West’, says grammar school jihadist

A teenage former grammar schoolboy who went to Syria has warned that Isis has “many” extremists “just waiting for the order to do attacks on the West”.

Shabazz Suleman, a former pupil of Royal Grammar School in High Wycombe, disappeared in the summer of 2013 while carrying out voluntary work with a Turkish charity providing aid to Aleppo.

It has previously been claimed that the 19-year-old was included along with another British national in prisoner exchanges that saw Turkish diplomats released from Isis custody in September last year.

  • Censored_often

    Please, political elites of the west, keep that endless non-stop flow of muzzie immigrants and invaders refugees flowing into our nations!

    Thanks for the Islamic Trojan Horse in our midst, and the increasing need for more police and domestic counterterrorism!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Like most things the government tells you, the numbers they advertise about this are also incredibly wrong. If they say ‘5,000’ people are off fighting for ISIS and will eventually return, they mean 10x that. Should be fine though as Islam has nothing to do with Islam.