“In future, public pressure might well force our leaders to limit — perhaps altogether stop — immigration of Muslims.”

To minimize the mass-casualty attacks that are coming, we need to get tougher on crime

“…Should we see a lot of carnage on our streets — it might take three, four, five spectacular terrorist successes to sufficiently spook us — Canadians might set aside fair play, not to mention political correctness, and react, or overreact. During the FLQ crisis of 1970, we brought in the War Measures Act before a single person was killed, and during World War II we interned the Japanese, despite the absence of a single case of treason. In future, public pressure might well force our leaders to limit — perhaps altogether stop — immigration of Muslims.

Limiting Muslim immigration, in fact, may already have begun. In explaining why Canada is accepting relatively few Muslim refugees from the Middle East, Canada’s Immigration Ministry explained: “We make no apologies for putting the focus on people in need, some of whom are being persecuted based on their religious beliefs. Our priority is and will continue to be on those who are at risk because they are a religious minority, a sexual minority, or victims of rape.” While this explanation is reasonable it has the added virtue of comforting skittish Canadians — Christians and Yazidis represent no threat to our safety while some Muslims do. The decision to focus on non-Muslims also betrays a failure: We have not yet developed the means to confidently distinguish between those Muslims who would embrace Western values and those who would destroy them.”

With each passing day the need to limit and or curtail Muslim immigration gains currency. This is a good thing.

  • Ron MacDonald

    I was told several years ago that Canada had quietly started doing this. The largest source of our immigrants today is the Phillipines, they are hard, reliable workers.

    • Rosenmops

      And they are mostly Christian. Works for me.

      • The Goat

        If only they could understand my order at Timmies…

        • Minicapt

          They can’t be that ba-a-a-a-ad …


    • Not through 2011, they didn’t.

    • James Hamilton

      But this begs a question: Why, in the heavens name do we need such large numbers of immigrants from third world countries???
      Filipinos or Chinese or whatever, if they were no good to their own countries how would they be doing any good to Canada?? yeah well except providing with cheap unskilled labour so that few could line their pockets.

      • Ron MacDonald

        The ones we accept are educated.

        • James Hamilton

          A Nation is made NOT only by educated people; BUT of educated people WITH morals & values.

    • lolwut?

      They have a muslim problem also, large areas of the Philippines are no-go areas for anyone not a muslim.

  • Rosenmops

    I’m just scared of what might happen if Turd-doh gets in.

    • Expect chaos.

      • RevnantDream

        Exact Canada to divide

  • Achmed

    You can stop us all you want to try, but with other Canadian families having like 1.8 kids and us averaging about 6 you will be outnumbered in about 50 years.

    • Damn you Achmed!

      • Exile1981

        I propose a new plan to save Canada by out breeding the muslim invaders. I plan to get right on that as soon as I get home from work.

    • Uncle_Waspy

      Heh! You may be right, Achmed.

      But in taking the country away from wish-washy nihilistic infidels, you will only have succeeded in transforming it into every other 3rd world Moe-run sewer. It’s a lateral move at best.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      ….minus the number of your own breed that will murder each other during your inevitable internal religious conflicts and power-grabs down at the masque…make that 150 years. Most likely never.

      • Achmed

        There is an old islamic saying “Me against my brother, me and my brother against my cousin; me, my brother, and my cousin against the world.”

        It means we fight the infidel first as a nation, then can fight between our tribal aliegances and then last within our families before as the Glorious Prophet peace be upon him predicts the end times and the apocalypse.

        That is why so many brothers prefer to seek heaven now as a martyr then to wait for all the tribulations to come.

        • Minicapt

          We must find more ways to help them achieve Paradise, expediently and with dispatch.


        • Raymond Hietapakka

          I see, it’s kinda like a guaranteed pre-ordained cRaZy m0E prediction/prophecy goat-f*** for you guys and all your team. Sorry for my sometimes confusing definitions, folks… Why don’t you just get on with the inevitable, and blow your own brains out, and save the rest of the civilized World the messy bother? Issue a temporary fartwat that worships hara-kiri.
          I guess, in the end, the ultimate muzzle’em ummmah, Planet Earth will have only one muzzle’em left, the last citizena live Mr.MyS***Doesn’tStinkSuperMuzzle’em….

    • dukestreet

      The only problem with that is that your offspring will run everything into the ground ,just as they do in Muslim countries already. There will be nowhere left for you to escape the things you tried to leave behind by immigrating in the first place. More fool you.

  • CMH

    Here’s the rub, the headline at the top of the story reads “we should return to the successful immigration policies of old that enabled easy deportation of miscreants and indigents”. Yes we should but we can’t due to the addition of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that was unnecessarily added to our new constitution in 1982. The addition of this legislation into an already functioning democracy has proven to be antithetical to our freedoms as they were recognized pre 1982. This Charter was mainly enacted to quiet the incessant pleading and cajoling and lobbying of the French of this country in order to give them a platform upon which to push bilingualism upon the English majority. We never should have implemented it and it needs to be removed. This Charter has taken away the right of our elected officials to rule as the voters demand and has passed all legislative power to the Supreme court which are an unelected and unknown group. Until we get rid of the charter we are living under the rules set out by an elite group of unelected people who pursue a far left agenda which is built on the false prophet of human rights through multi-culturalism. Just look at the shithole France has become.

    • Frau Katze

      At some point, the pols simply stopped caring what the voters thought. It wasn’t just Canada either. It was all over the West. How did this happen?

      • CMH

        This happened when the charter became the ruler of this country in 1982. Politicians were able to abrogate their duty to the people because the charter law over rides anything the people want that may be out of line with it. The charter is the only legislation which governs our way of life. Now when the people demand something that the charter cannot reconcile with you will notice that the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the charter rules (wins). In a recent example we had the health care and other special benefits for refugees which was removed by harper but then replaced by the supreme court. The charter is a piece of unnecessary Constitutional legislation that is designed to be better placed into a fledgling democratic 3rd world country’s legislation. It is not only redundant being inserted into a thriving democracy, it strips it of the moral compass upon which it had already relied on for it’s strength. We need to eliminate or heavily amend the charter as so to render it useless and return the country to the sovereign governance by the people as they see fit. Thanks

    • Rosenmops

      The so-called “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” never seems to benefit anyone but criminals and terrorists.

      • Raymond Hietapakka

        Criminals are some of lawyers’ best-paying customers.

        • Observer

          What I don’t get is the term “criminal lawyers”.

          Isn’t that redundant? Aren’t they all?

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    And yet we are supposed to trust politicians more and more with taking away our freedoms, coming up with more wars and the cycle seems as if it will just continue.

    How easily people are fooled because don’t forget the media that is mainstream including SNN they just accept what has occurred and just repeat the nonsense of mainstream politicians. Yes the Conservative party wants to continue the War on Terror which has achieved nothing. The same with the Liberals and the NDP but in subtle ways.

    Not surprising.

    The pope is correct because Jesus was for peace, nonviolence and many of the people on this site are not like Jesus at all in fact. I would call them rapturists. They are for the corporatist, warmongering agendas even though that means more wars, more of this fearmongering and quite frankly they just repeat government and mainstream propaganda without questioning.

    You know that the mainstream keeps wanting to do the same things. They might want to try an agenda that is different from my way or the highway. I mean that agenda has been used for almost 14 years and it has been an abysmal failure.

  • Dana Garcia

    Former Congressman Tom Tancredo has it figured out. I wish he was still in the Congress saying that civilization is doomed if we don’t stop Muslim immigration.


  • Gary

    Just get the list of islamic refugee groups that the hamas linked pro-whahhabi CAIR has supported and tear up the applications they made to sponsor muslim into canada .
    Imam Steve Rockwell was boastful when he was on a radio show to declare that Canada will be an islamic state one day because muslims are out breeding all other groups . He said that the quran orders muslim to live by sharia no matter where they are once they get the numbers to form a community, then once they become the majority in Canada they must take over Canada and claim it for islam as a caliphate. Rockwell is not alone with his Master-Race rantings for global domination , and yet the brain-dead feminists and gays stay quiet when sharia laws homophobia and misogyny rears its ugly face in Public schools on in Toronto at Dundas and Yonge.

    Liberalism must be a mental disorder where they don’t believe that evil exists and that we could empty out Prison just by being nice to thugs that will give a life of crime.