Gay-straight-alliance at a high school in Toronto may or may not believe 1/3 of Americans identify as LGBTQ


More details here.

h/t Marvin

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    1.5% – 2.0%
    Same thing, right?

    • Frau Katze

      Just a rounding error there.

    • Learned Liberal

      Bud dis is wut thay lurned in skul! So id must be rite!

    • DMB

      For the gay agenda 2 + 2 = 5

    • Brian Jones

      That’s why the activists want the kiddies spending all their time on social justice BS instead of the three Rs. Much easier that way.

      Besides, these idiots live in a bubble. All their friends are queer, so it makes sense to them that when you take all them hetero bigots into account, it probably works out to about 1/3, right?

  • Mal

    Spotted two of the next “stewards” of the globe today; but my heart did not soar.
    The female was sporting an occasionally-used cane, more than a few grey hairs, and a “TRANS PRIDE/TRANS POWER button; and her companion, a longish-haired male (a good few years younger and carrying a casual shoulder bag that had machine-printed peace signs and spirals pinned with a different TRANS celebrating button) who was engrossed in a book entitled “The History of Social Welfare”.
    They couldn’t possibly’ve been Ryerson alumni, could they?
    Bad Mal. You mean, micro-aggressing noticer of hilarious stereotypes, you.

  • Math is hard!

    • Xavier

      As is proper sentence structure and formatting.

  • G

    I thought it was 300%.

  • ntt1

    This hope for substantial numbers is the reason for the ever growing alphabet soup of their name. the hope is that by including mentaly ill castration fetishists and cross dressers the can scrape up enough members (or missing members) to create a powerfull movement, sadly they are stalled at less than 3% and always will be

    • Brian Jones

      Yup. Also why those with pull in entertainment push so hard to make every other episode of every show have LGBTWTFBBQs in it to make it look like they’re more numerous than they are.

      And then you get things like the story a friend of mine told me. She works in a craft store chain owned by Texas born-agains, and one day a couple middle aged women came in and were whining that none of the 7 wedding cake toppers in stock in the teeny wedding section were appropriate for a lesbian wedding.

      My friend says a couple of the toppers actually would be because they’re just 2 interlocked hearts, but noooooo…. not good enough to be neutral, they wanted a Christian-owned business to have a topper with 2 brides and they wanted her to figure out a solution to accommodate them. She took them to an array of miniature figurines they sell and they picked out a couple of cowgirl ones, but still pouted about the lack of a two-brides topper.

      Never mind that one can find such things online via a 30 second Google search, and the numbers simply aren’t there to justify it even if there was no religious angle with head office. Why would the store stock something that’s going to sit and gather dust? Hell, they don’t even stock different ethnic toppers in an area that’s 60% East Asian, why would they bother with > 3%?

  • ed

    here is a new tongue twister spoken by a freakazoid on my local news channel ” homosexulist,bisexulist,transsexulist . all one word , say that as fast as you can [ed uk ]