Fascist ‘Anti-fascist’ mob rampages in Leipzig

A mass of 600 people stormed through central Leipzig on Thursday evening, attacking local government buildings, smashing shop windows, destroying police vehicles and spray painting anti-fasacist slogans along the way.

Police reported that the group gathered at the state court and grew in numbers as they moved towards Augustusplatz, the largest square in the city.

Police later found large numbers of graffiti slogans including “it was murder” (possibly a reference to the violent death of an Eritrean asylum seeker in Dresden on Monday), “Stop Pegida”, “ANTIFA” (anti-fascists) and “stop deportations”.

Along the route, members smashed storefronts, including a hairdresser and a bank, ripped up traffic signs from the pavement and threw them onto the street, and let off fireworks and smoke bombs.

When police patrol cars approached, hooded people began throwing rocks at them.


The anti-fascists are the fascists. Worth a re-read – Anti-Fascists Caught Looking the Wrong Way?

  • The “anti-fascists” are the true fascists, here.

    • It is pathetic.

    • David Murrell

      Precisely. This is why, in the posted article above, one needs to put sneer quotes — ” ” — around the term “anti-fascist”. For in every single way possible, the people in that mob were fascist through and through. They are anti-Semitic; they support Islamism; they move in violent mobs; they oppose satire and intellectuality; they oppose all forms of democracy and human rights — what more does one need to deem the group fascist?

      • Precisely – that’s what fascism is, the use of mob violence for political ends.

  • Glenfilthie

    Hmpffff. These days, the difference between a socialist and a fascist is purely conversational. Both groups find their power base in the stupid and double-digit IQ crowd, both think the gubbermint can solve all their problems (provided they are controlling it), and both are prone to violence if they don’t get their way. Given all their similarities I am puzzled by the hatred they have for each other.
    Hopefully the billy clubs were applied liberally!

    • And the media continue to swallow their “anti-discrimination” load.

      • Glenfilthie

        They have to.
        Even when their own offices are burning, and their editors and publishers are being hung by the mob – they will push that tripe – right up to the bitter end. Sometimes people put so much political capital into some concepts that it becomes impossible for them to cut their losses and run.
        The alternative has the EUnichs chitting bricks and they are most certainly square: when the lid comes off that boiling multicultural melting pot, the Huns, the Anglosaxons, and all the other eeeeeevil white people are going to start hating again. When that happens…well, ya know those deportations? Think about death marches as moslems are returned to their own lands.
        Everyone talks about how smart and how efficient The Hun is. I call BS. In WW2 those idiots loaded 6 million loyal, productive citizens into cattle cars and sent them to the ovens and concentration camps – and this during a major war. Today, they have a couple million immigrant non-Rotarian fig farming goat feltchers that are actively moving to destroy them – and they can’t even kick them out! HAR HAR HAR! Were it not so tragic, it would be the stuff of high comedy.

    • Frau Katze

      I bet they were not. The police cannot do stuff like that these days. The article says three police cars were trashed.

    • Exile1981

      I’m not sure the fascists and the socialists do hate each other. Really they are the same group. I think of them as kind of like how the CAIR and the MB are really the same group but one is the action side and the other is the public face.

  • Frau Katze

    Were there Muslims in the “mob”? Or what?

    Police reported that a large group were stopped when the group reached Karl-Liebknecht Straße. Only three were arrested, while officers recorded the details of the remaining 204.

    Officers are investigating many of them for serious breach of the peace.

    Three police cars were seriously damaged, including one which had all of its windows completely smashed.

  • winniec

    The anti-fascists are the fascists…disguising themselves as the opposite.
    Judge them by their actions as in ‘walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…’