Parisians mourn the victims of Muslim barbarism

Europe Terror Attacks Were All Too Predictable

“…Today, as the global impact of Islamic fundamentalism with increasing manifestations of brutal terrorism grows exponentially, Western leaders lack the courage even to identify the enemy. It has ominous parallels to the struggle with Nazism. Then as now, Western governments initially sought to avoid conflict by appeasing the barbarians – which only served to embolden them.

This originates in 9/11 when U.S. President George W. Bush, in his call for concerted military action against global Islamic terrorism, sought to placate his Arab allies by describing Islam as a “religion of peace.” This absurd mantra was repeatedly chanted whenever Islamic terror was mentioned and has become an overused term of the political lexicon.

But it was President Barack Obama and his administration that, despite the dramatic mushrooming of Islamic terrorism, must be held accountable for systematically denying its existence, even avoiding the term “Islamic terrorism.”

  • Yes Islam has lots of nice Muslims. Yes Islam incites a percentage of its followers to commit violence.

    But, it is necessary to look at Islam as a whole in order to see the problem.

    Islam as a whole is simply a dysfunctional blue print for society. It obviously creates this dichotomy of pleasant Muslims and murderous Muslims.

    The whole unfortunately is under control of the murderous minority of Muslims.

    Without reformation this Islamic dichotomy will continue.

    You can read my theory on why this dichotomy exists at:

  • cmh

    This is a good article, I do disagree with the note that ‘not all muslims are terrorists’….anyone who follows the hate filled Koran is most definitely a terrorist. He should have just left out that personal pearl and the story would have been perfect.