3 people taken hostage at post office near Paris – reports

Update: AFP reportsParis post office gunman arrested, hostages freed: police

Possibly just a robbery gone wrong? Reports of some hostages released.

Narrative Check List Below

Nothing to do with Islam – Check

Suspect Mentally ill – Check

Suspect “Known to police” – Check

Colombes is a “Sensitive” Zone – read 3rd World – Check

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It is not yet clear if the incident is connected with last week’s Paris shootings that left 17 people dead, including journalists and police officers.

RTL adds that the gunman is known to police as a petty crime suspect. Law enforcers are expected to start negotiations with the assailant soon.

More – New Paris hostage terror: Gunman claiming to be armed with grenades and Kalashnikov takes three people captive in post office

Nothing to do with Islam of course…

Newspapers Le Figaro and Le Monde, both citing an AFP news agency dispatch based on police sources, reported that a man equipped with a military weapon had taken an unconfirmed number of hostages at the post office in the town of Colombes, not far outside the capital.

BFM TV said two people were being held hostage and that the incident was not deemed terrorist-related.

Police sources said several post office clients had managed to escape and that the gunman himself had called them. The sources said he was “speaking incoherently” and was heavily armed with grenades and Kalashnikovs.

Cuz most Post office robbers come armed with grenades and AK’s Oh he’s also mentally ill it’s now claimed.

  • tom_billesley

    If the claim about grenades isn’t a bluff: who goes out to rob a post office equipped with grenades?

    • That’s what I’m wondering, at any rate looks like it’s over.

  • ed

    it is over ,police have the , reason given for the kalshnikov +grenades “romantic disappointment ” WTF ! “romantic disappointment “

    • Oh that’s a new one! I will add that to the Narrative Check list!

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s time for France to make a stamp depicting the prophet Mohammed.

  • David Murrell

    Probably not a Muslim terrorist, since al hostages were freed and no shooting took place. If he was a Muslim, the hostages would have been separated — Jews from non-Jews — with the Jews executed.

  • Frau Katze

    I am having problems keeping up with the sheer number of events.

    Part of the entire plan of “asymmetric warfare”? Keep people so preoccupied with keeping up with events they have no time to sit back and see what is really going on.

    • ed

      here is the only answer you need . woogle ” dar al-islam” the house of islam and “dar al-harb” the house of war , these are the two houses of islam incumbent on all muslims to secure for allah and islam , sharia controlled countries al-islam .none sharia al-harb .where muslims seek to take control by creating a permanent state of terror . [ to all the dhimmis in the west that is all you need to know ]

  • What the hell do you steal from a post office? Stamps?

    Robbery gone wrong? I do not think.

  • Exile1981

    If he’s a practicing muslim then by definition he is also mentally ill.