Today in nothing to do with Multiculturalism: Germany – Family wound 14 police in revenge attack

After an alleged robber fell from the seventh floor of a courthouse, his enraged family members tried to storm the clinic in Hamelin where he was being treated for his injuries, wounding 14 police officers.

…As well as injuring the 14 officers, the family – some of whom had travelled long distances from other states to be there – broke a number of windowpanes and the glass door of the clinic.

A small group of the attackers made it inside the clinic buildings by a rear entrance before being forced back outside by the officers, who summoned reinforcements from the whole region to deal with the onslaught.

Doctors tried to save the 26-year-old’s life while the pitched battle raged between his relatives and the police outside, but he ultimately succumbed to his injuries. article can be accessed here.

Riots in court and hospital – Raid at petrol station and patrol cars / fall from window / savior treat 21 police officers