Threats of violence nix Israel-Canada event

Update: Never any threat of violence at cancelled Garneau event: CIJA

Chance of violence forces police to cancel Canada-Israel relations talk

An event scheduled for Jan. 12 with MP Marc Garneau, was postponed indefinitely because the Montreal Police allegedly alerted organizers that they were anticipating violent protests in response to the talk.

The talk, organized by the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting (CAMERA) and the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research (CIJR), was supposed to look at Canada-Israel relations.

Garneau is the MP for Westmount—Ville-Marie and was one of the first Canadian to go to outer space back in October 1984. He was appointed as the executive vice-president of the Canadian Space Agency in 2001, and became the president in November of the same year.


  • Observer

    The joys of multiculturalism at work.

    • cmh

      It has nothing to do with multiculturalism. It has to do with silencing the truth about Israel. No offense intended.

      • Censored_often

        Wrong entirely. It has everything to do with multiculturalism, namely and specifically the importation of backwards totalitarian muzzies from Islamist hellholes. Either them or mentally ill “converts” to the “religion” of satan and devils and pure evil.

        Silencing truth, yes! But multiculturalism and uncontrolled immigration = 100% causality of the cancelling of the event in the aftermath of Paris a week ago.

      • I believe Multicult does play into it. I have witnessed “different” standards of policing for certain groups and I ain’t referencing Caledonia;)

  • Stronger Than Dirt

    Why hasn’t the ‘cyber security’ department arrested 60 terrorists ? Too busy shaking down people like Guy Lafleur ? ,

    • DVult

      I bet the police woman involved was a Boston fan, the witch.

      • Stronger Than Dirt


  • glasnost

    I wonder who they expected to be violent – jihadists or Montreal liberals.

  • Why don’t the police do their jobs and provide protection?

    Very OT: Russian cats love their children, too:–crawls-in-to-keep-him-warm-153347500.html

    • Observer

      The police don’t like to arrest muzzies or marxists regardless of the crimes.

      • Then the trick is to say that one is (insert own identity group/tribe/cult here) and then get away with a crime.

        Very interesting….

        • I like the Cat, but I think he just wanted the box for his own..

  • Gaylord Ponce

    Doesn’t anyone have a set of balls anymore?

    • DVult

      Dumbeau has no balls.

    • Exile1981

      I had a client tell me yesterday that he thought the Charlie magazine guys should have been shut down as he would rather censor freedom of speech than put people in danger of being killed by the jihadis. Of course the term he used wasn’t jihadis but “persecuted minority with legitimate grievances” .

      I bit my tongue as he works for a major client, though I’m not surprised. I offered him some produce last fall when I had way too many squash and he told me his wife would never allow it into the house as it came from a non-government inspected source.

      • Never offer him a deal.

        • Exile1981

          I won’t

      • Censored_often

        “Major client”. That’s the problem with Eurabia/Europe… so many of the “major clients” are 100% muzz scum or muzz scum sympathizers.

        Canada: just wait.

      • TotallyPeeved

        Screw him any way you can.

    • Nope.

  • Exile1981

    I call BS on this article. More likely the Liberals who booked this event were told to find a way to shut it down by the Great Turdeau so as to not offend his special friends.

    • Gary

      No, it was the same rabid savages that rioted at Concordia U and laughed at the Police that feared arresting the palestinans that did it.
      Terrorism works, so Jihadists don’t have to.

    • That’s more than likely;)

    • Censored_often

      What, Justin “Jihad” True Dough isn’t drinking French wine in Westmount while smoking Jamaican?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Well that lasted about a day. Everyone back to bowing to Allah.

  • cmh

    Concordia never wanted it anyway. That is the true story and the only story that should be investigated by the media.

  • Exile1981
    • Censored_often

      Yeppers, BCF posted the hijabi muslima horror yesterday or the day before. You can thank President Muslim-in-Chief HUSSEIN for this one!

      p.s. his selection has NOTHING to do with Islam…

  • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

    “Violent protests.” I would have to say THEY protest the loudest and in work places as well. See Pat’s video

  • Iamnotweetoddit

    Marc can ask justin about the root causes.

  • barryjr

    RCMP, OPP, or the Montreal Police all the same, just don’t want to do their jobs if there is an easy way to get out of it. Why don’t the cops leave the donut shops and do their jobs that they are paid to do?