Steyn – Climate Change: The Facts

As I mentioned the other day in relation to Michael E Mann’s latest “hockey stick”, I’m honored to be alongside some of the most eminent scientists and some of the most rollicking commentators in a new book called Climate Change: The Facts. It’s available right now from Amazon outlets worldwide

  • Brett_McS

    My name is on the back cover as one of the supporters of this effort. The IPA do sterling work and are incredibly effective for a relatively small group.

    • Xavier

      Is there a print version?

      • Brett_McS


  • Climate change is called weather among ordinary people.

    • Gary

      The global warming scam imploded after 15 years of global cooling.

      So now it’s climate change which we all agree happens and which NASA blames on Earth Orbit and distance for the SUN to give us the 4 seasons.

      i have yet to have just one person give me the name of a Scientist that agree with the AGW and that CO2 causes it . Each time i did get a name that they got from WikiPedia it was NOT a scientist but a eco-fascist with a website that posted comments from other websites on global warming .

      Here’s one of the “Scientists” someone posted to prove me wrong.

      Right on the homepage inside ‘About the author’ it states ” I am not a scientist” , and on the left upper area is a list of Climate change myths where the #2 myth is that the SUN affect the climate. My gawd , this guy thinks that the SUN has nothing to do with the climate when it was NASA that used the 300’000 years of ice core samples to to state that the SUN has a solar cycles that also works with the earths orbit to show the pattern in the core samples that deviate a normal amount from the Mean with the odd extreme change but comes back quickly to the standard deviation zone .

      Check it out