Star should have published Charlie Hebdo front cover: DiManno

“The Star can of course publish a sacrilegious image that upsets a lot of people. It’s easy. In Canada there is no hindrance to publishing profanity or blasphemy that many find insulting and hurtful. But we have nothing to prove in our country. Religion is not a battleground for free speech in Canada.”

Cooke adds: “Why would I authorize the publication of an image many Torontonians find profoundly objectionable just because we can?”

My answer: because it has profound news value. And every newsman knows that.
“Newsworthy or not, we wouldn’t publish a pornographic image that we knew would upset or anger many readers just because it was in the news,” Cooke counters. “This is the same principle.”

It’s not the same principle, I submit. It’s rationalizing.

No. It’s Dhimmitude.

  • It is dhimmitude, cowardice, self-censorship – at a time when actually asserting our rights of free speech against barbarian pressures are of the essence.

  • David Murrell

    You’re right. The Star not publishing the Hebdo front cover is dhimmitude. But give Rosie DiManno some credit, since we can agree with much with what is said in the column.

    Some people may disagree when liberals (or ultra-liberals in DiManno’s case) write something, when it slams Islamism or criticizes the dhimmi-appeasement practices of our establishment. But having liberals say something, or do something, to help our side is a plus. The more people lining up against Islamism is a plus. We are at war.

  • mauser 98

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