South Oxfordshire District Council building on fire

The South Oxfordshire District Council building in Crowmarsh Gifford has been ablaze since 03:15 GMT.

Council leader John Cotton told the BBC: “We believe it to be the result of arson, though that’s not clear at the moment.”

Firefighters are also dealing with two other fires in the area, with about 100 crew being called out.

Reports of a car being driven into the building.

h/t ed

  • ed

    MSM reporting slowing down , police statements now conflicting with on the scene witness statements , classic D- notice symptons restricting media reporting just like ” the once open a time” Glasgow bin lorry crash ??

  • ed

    police statement ” not connected to a terrorist incident !!!!!!!!!! heard that before somewhere !

  • scooby2

    Must be those pesky Jooooos again.

  • Censored_often

    Je suis “bad driver”. WTF?

  • ed

    14:-22 gmt all mentions of car in foyer , gas cannisters , explosions , other men , not being mentioned by , sky/bbc/itv/channel 4 +5 ,police saying only criminal act , so move on !

  • Linda1000

    It’s a little cold in Britain right now so I guess maybe the Roma were building bonfires to keep warm?

    • ed

      roma pikeys are to busy putting there hands in other peoples pockets or begging or distraction robberies or metal theft or cash point fraud or benefit fraud or shoplifting or stealing clothes from charity banks by putting there kids inside to pass them out [ed uk]

  • luna

    Please file this under “arson”.