Sneering elite: Revived Nazi-era term ‘Luegenpresse’ is German ‘non-word’ of year

A German linguists’ panel has chosen a Nazi-era term “Luegenpresse” (lying press), which anti-Islam protesters have revived and shouted at the media, as the country’s non-word of the year.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned the demands – an end to multiculturalism – of the grassroots “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West” (PEGIDA) at weekly rallies as “reprehensible” and said her conservative-led government would use all constitutional means to fight intolerance.

“Luegenpresse”, first used in Germany by critics of the free press during World War One, earned the dubious “Unwort des Jahres” (Non-Word of the Year) honour in the eyes of a panel of experts out of 730 terms submitted by 1,250 contributors.

“‘Luegenpresse’ is a word contaminated by the Nazis,” said Nina Janich, a professor at the Technical University Darmstadt and head of the six-member jury that selects such terms each year from the submissions.

“It’s used deliberately in the PEGIDA movement to steer it against those (in the media) who criticise their movement.”

The announcement of the “Unwort des Jahres” is a major news item in Germany and holds a special resonance in a country whose language is filled with words and concepts tarnished to the point of taboo status by their use under the Nazi regime…

Just because the Nazis accused the press of lying does not mean they are not lying now. Both cases must examined separately on the merits.

We know that press in the Anglo world, although they do not – usually – exactly lie outright, their coverage is slanted and they can be accused of “lying by omission.”

They are shot through with political correctness and they do not give an accurate insight into the state of affairs in the world.  In some cases, they believe their own lies.  Does this make them liars or just stupid?

  • Exile1981

    The government of Germany saying that the PEGIDA members are racists because they accuse the media of lying and the nazis also accused the media of lying so therefore PEGIDA members are nazis, is as valid as saying – well the nazis wore boots so anyone who wears boots is a nazis. It’s a rubbish argument.

    • Pegida are not Nazis – Islam is the new Nazism, and those who give it support, such as the MSM (BBC, CNN, et al.), are also tainted by the new Nazism, objectively allies of it. And the proof is their treatment of Israel in the past two or three decades.

      • Exile1981

        I know, we don’t have TV anymore and our oldest quotes alternative media for school assignments.

        Every monday they used to to have to bring in a news story effecting Canada – either directly or indirectly to discuss with the class and tell how it effects us. The oldest of my children would take in articles from BCF or other alternative news sources.

        The teacher didn’t like that so she informed the class they had to get the article from one of 3 sources – CBC, Globe and Mail or Toronto star.
        A discussion with the principal and the teacher put an end to her choosing media which I quickly proved to the principal were biased and negatively reflected social morals of our community.

        Now they have stopped doing that assignment, but our children still read the alternative media.

        • Brett_McS

          That’s awesome!

        • b_marco

          I’m beginning to think Boko Haram have some good points.

        • mauser 98

 had a fight on your hands
          unbelievable… pigheaded bigoted teachers.

          Mike Harris where are you?

  • Xavier

    “Does this make them liars or just stupid?”

    It makes them complicit, and that’s all that matters.

    And thank you for “Luegenpresse”; I ♡ new words.

    • winniec

      Why make them choose only one? Why can’t they be liars and stupid liars?
      They’re ‘stupid liars’ because they think they won’t be caught.

    • ntt1

      very apt and it rolls of the tongue easily, i plan to use it as much as possible

  • Brett_McS

    The Media, the Left (Labour, Democrat) and the Establishment Conservatives are all part of, and owe their primary loyalty to, The State. Even without any explicit conscious decision making on the individual level they act as one to destroy any threat to the State’s power. It’s virtually a hive.

  • winniec

    The Leugenpresse are the cultural Marxists who spread the Marxist disinformation of the ‘Frankfurt School’ of cultural Marxism.
    The cultural Marxist press (NYT) for example conceal the Islamic identities of terrorists (for example) to same ‘all Muslims’ from being accused of terrorism, but is that completely wrong when 65% of all Muslims want a caliphate and strict application of Sharia law? 65% is a solid majority. Anywhere from 15% to 45% approve of terrorism according to the country. Those Muslims who approve of terrorism are likely to attend the mosque weekly and even more of those Muslims attending ‘study groups’ support jihad. It cannot be argued that terrorism non-Islamic anymore.
    The pollsters have identified that WELL-INFORMED Muslims are MUCH MORE LIKELY TO SUPPORT TERRORISM than uninformed, non-observant Muslims.
    Not supporting jihad, then, is something that is consistent with OBSERVANT MUSLIMS only.