‘Religion of peace’ is not a harmless platitude

To face Islamist terror, we must face the facts about Islam’s history

The West’s movement towards the truth is remarkably slow. We drag ourselves towards it painfully, inch by inch, after each bloody Islamist assault.

In France, Britain, Germany, America and nearly every other country in the world it remains government policy to say that any and all attacks carried out in the name of Mohammed have ‘nothing to do with Islam’. It was said by George W. Bush after 9/11, Tony Blair after 7/7 and Tony Abbott after the Sydney attack last month. It is what David Cameron said after two British extremists cut off the head of Drummer Lee Rigby in London, when ‘Jihadi John’ cut off the head of aid worker Alan Henning in the ‘Islamic State’ and when Islamic extremists attacked a Kenyan mall, separated the Muslims from the Christians and shot the latter in the head. And, of course, it is what President François Hollande said after the massacre of journalists and Jews in Paris last week.

All these leaders are wrong. In private, they and their senior advisers often concede that they are telling a lie. The most sympathetic explanation is that they are telling a ‘noble lie’, provoked by a fear that we — the general public — are a lynch mob in waiting. ‘Noble’ or not, this lie is a mistake. First, because the general public do not rely on politicians for their information and can perfectly well read articles and books about Islam for themselves. Secondly, because the lie helps no one understand the threat we face. Thirdly, because it takes any heat off Muslims to deal with the bad traditions in their own religion. And fourthly, because unless mainstream politicians address these matters then one day perhaps the public will overtake their politicians to a truly alarming extent.

  • David

    The night after the Charlie Hebdo atrocities I was pre-recording a Radio 4 programme. My fellow discussant was a very nice Muslim man who works to ‘de-radicalise’ extremists. We agreed on nearly everything. But at some point he said that one reason Muslims shouldn’t react to such cartoons is that Mohammed never objected to critics.

    There may be some positive things to be said about Mohammed, but I thought this was pushing things too far and mentioned just one occasion when Mohammed didn’t welcome a critic. Asma bint Marwan was a female poetess who mocked the ‘Prophet’ and who, as a result, Mohammed had killed. It is in the texts. It is not a problem for me. But I can understand why it is a problem for decent Muslims. The moment I said this, my Muslim colleague went berserk. How dare I say this? I replied that it was in the Hadith and had a respectable chain of transmission (an important debate). He said it was a fabrication which he would not allow to stand. The upshot was that he refused to continue unless all mention of this was wiped from the recording. The BBC team agreed

  • Islam is a killing cult. Rhetorical polish will only delay the day it will be dealt with.

    Read how the cult survives at: http://islamsfatalflaw.blogspot.com/

  • Hard Little Machine

    Some cultures make catastrophically bad decisions over and over even as they see it will lead ultimately to their own extinction. History is littered with examples from Easter Island to the very same Arab world poised to topple Europe. The Mayans, the Aztecs, the Hittites, western Roman empire all worked studiously to guarantee their own failure even while they knew it would lead to that failure. Now we see that Europe has fallen into the same loop. They are dedicated to making horrible choices that will kill them. They know it will kill them. They see it happening and they still do it. It’s not suicidal thinking it’s groupthink locked inside a belief system that cannot change. Societies locked into this never figure out how to exit their death spiral. It takes on a life of its own. Some call this a tipping point, maybe that’s a good term. In any case, Europe’s Bad Idea Decision Tree is proceeding as it should and whether Europe implodes by 2020 or 2050 is not relevant. It will happen. The upside of slow motion failure like this is that it rarely results in massive continent-wide wars. It’s a more a situation where the clockwork winds down and stops. I just hope the Greens and the leftwing radicals who want to abolish nuclear power and atomic weapons in Europe get their way before Islamic anarchy takes over.

  • I do not think that Western dhimmi leaders are so much afraid of a violent anti-Moslem backlash (after all, most of us are a pretty civilized lot). Rather, they fear that if they start criticizing Islam, the Moslems will get more and more uppety, and really start revolting (after all, that is their way).

    • Doug Kursk

      No, I really do think that the pols are all in…there is no third option now. They will be forced to double down on their obsfucations, distortions and outright lies.

      Their collective pointy heads are on the chopping block and they damn well know what awaits them.

      They will all be swept away into the dustbin of history and should be forever branded as enemies of their people and traitors.

      • New events taking place in Belgium right now. Clearly, tho the authorities won’t say the words Moslem, Islam – if you follow their look you can see they know who the enemy is.