Quebec: Govt want input from citizens on how to make province more welcoming for immigrants

The provincial government is getting ready to launch a consultation later this month, asking Quebecers what they think about immigration, diversity and inclusion.

The measure comes as the government prepares to overhaul its immigration policy.

Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil says one of the biggest challenges that new Quebecers face is finding a job.

“Integration into the workforce, recognition of professional competencies — that is always the number one issue and it is the number one issue that we want to address,” Weil told CBC in an exclusive interview.

She also said it will be a priority for the province to recognize foreign credentials.

“It remains a huge frustration for people who come from other countries with quality baggage and we have to find way a for people to contribute.”

Weil says if new immigrants can’t find work, they feel shut out and excluded from Quebec society…

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  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Hi Québec!
    I recommend that you insist that they first acquire superior English skills.
    Then maybe some of those skills will rub off onto the rest of you.

    • Frau Katze

      I suggest they make sure they’re not Muslims. Not sure if Haitians are much better.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Just different flavors of “bad”.

  • Xavier

    Oh come on. You have a perfect working model to follow in the States: to make provinces more welcoming, you just need lots of public assistance, free housing, free social services, free transportation and – as the Mayor of New York just implemented – free passes to dozens of cultural attractions.

    It’s working quite well for us, they’re coming in droves.

    • Rosenmops

      Unfortunately I think we are already doing all that, plus we have free health care which they bring all their elderly relatives to exploit.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Immigrants who cant get a job should be put on workfare.
    Credentials should be recognized only if they are valid.

    • Gary

      One major problem with Credentials is that if you work in a job with high standards as i did for a Bank dealing with Clients money every day , i had to be cleared by the RCMP and registered with them so my Passport can be frozen to stop me from fleeing Canada for a criminal issue related to my job .
      Immigrants can rob us blind via fraud , and since they have a foreign Passport they can catch the first plane out of Canada and head home to have fake ID made up or go into hiding.
      Canadians can go to jail or be tracked down and returned here in many cases. The issue has another problem for fake Diplomas and people back home paid to lie when the Government or Employers check the person past.
      It’s not a anti-immigrant bigotry like the NDP and lIberals love to make it, there is a balance to make sure Citizens are protected as well from fraud by foreigners even if they had valid Documents but heard how easy it is to scam people in Canada and then flee.

      If Dalton McLiar had my job and was up to his neck in the gas plant election fraud scam, he wouldn’t have been able to flee Canada for Boston because the RCMP would swoop down so fast and cancel his Passport first and then visit him at work for a talk .
      The pro-immigrant scam artists love to take one case and make it out to be the norm because they get rich on Immigration fraud .

  • eMan14

    Avoid Muslims. And make it a condition that they cannot convert to Islam.
    Make sure that they are employable.
    No welfare for at least 5 years.
    Restrict family reunification.
    I have no problem with recognizing valid credentials. Within reason.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Having grown up in Quebec I am certain they’ll recommend Canada tells Muslims to go forth and multiply.

  • Dana Garcia

    The government is asking for citizen opinions about diversity?? What a concept.

    California never asked me whether I wanted to be Mexicanized.

    • Canadian

      They`ll be very careful who they ask.
      I`m sure I won`t be asked.

  • Rosenmops

    “She also said it will be a priority for the province to recognize foreign credentials.”

    Great. So Quebec will import doctors, nurses and dentists from Uzbekistan and recognize their crappy credentials. Then they will move somewhere else in Canada and we are all screwed.

    • Canadian

      You already have lots of them.

  • Gary

    Well, in the 1930’s my dad’s aboriginal family was expected to adapt to the White catholics and they tried to force them to speak french and change their last name to the french version.
    So, the current new comers can oppress the oppressors and force arabic on them and change the names to arab names .
    Same oppression , just a different colour and faith. It would be interesting to see how Mulclair likes it and if he’s as tolerant as the native were.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …make sure that the humanzee sub-type that is causing the trouble back in the old country, motivating the emigre situation, are not allowed in, or to visit. Example: If French Jews wish to come here to escape muzzle’em zombies, why let the walking dead in, to mahound them yet again?

  • Barrington Minge

    Bacon sarnies for all……