Peter Frost: French Lesson

The gruesome attack on Charlie Hebdo has earned condemnation around the world…

…Yes, violence is serious. It’s a crime when done by an individual and war when done by a country. It’s a grave breach of the rules that govern our society. Whatever differences we may have, they are to be settled peacefully, through the courts if need be. Violence is just not to be done.

Except it increasingly is. The attack on Charlie Hebdo is not an isolated incident. It’s part of a worsening trend of violence by people described as jeunes [youths] or simply not described at all. That was not the case in the recent attack; the victims were too well known. But it is generally the case, and this conspiracy of silence has become something of a social norm, particularly in the media.

Yet statistics do exist, notably those compiled by the Gendarmerie. According to French criminologist Xavier Raufer:

The criminality we are talking about is the kind that is making life unbearable for the population: burglaries, thefts of all sorts, assaults, violent thefts without firearms, etc. In these specific cases, 7 out of 10 of these crimes are committed by people who in one way or another have an immigrant background, either directly (first generation on French territory, with or without a residence permit) or indirectly (second generation). (Chevrier and Raufer, 2014)

The word “immigrant” is misleading. Many if not most are French-born, and they tend to come much more from some immigrant groups than from others. In general, they are young men of North African or sub-Saharan African background, plus smaller numbers of Roma and Albanians.

This criminality, when not being denied, is usually put down to social marginalization and lack of integration. Yet the reverse is closer to the truth. The typical French person is an individual in a sea of individuals, whereas immigrant communities enjoy strong social networks and a keen sense of solidarity.

This is one of the reasons given why the targets of the crime wave are so often Français de souche [old-stock French]. “Whites don’t stick up for each other”…

In a way, we out-bred*, non-tribal Europeans (or their descendants) are a poor match for urban warfare against immigrants who  resent us and are still bound by some extent by clans.  

Not all the migrants are still clan-bound, but Islam itself, especially the radical brand, also provides a type of social glue that we are lacking.  

Those immigrant groups that are living in the West but are generally prosperous and satisfied do not pose the same kind of threat.  For example, the Chinese in Vancouver often live together in neighbourhoods, but those areas are not anymore dangerous than average. 

*Out-bred: we do not marry our close relatives, unlike tribal/clan societies.

  • It’s virtually the same in every European country with a significant Muslim population

    • Frau Katze

      I see a pattern here.

      • Rosenmops

        This Charlie Hebdo thing seems to have made a lot more people take note of what is happening.

        • Frau Katze

          It certainly does seem that way.

      • Gary

        True, Barbara Hall got played for the sucker to give a death-cult sect of islam equal status to a religion .
        Plus , CAIR Canada and sheema khan spewed falsehoods and fabricated hate-crimes to incite violence by muslim youth. But CAIR learned how to explot our free speech while playing the Victim to spew hate speech .
        CAIR has now been exposed for funding hamas , and it’s just a matter of time until the islamists that Hall helped spread sharia and recruit Jihadists will go full jihad and do terrorism bombing in canada and behead people in public.
        Hall will be given full credit in my books when the gay bars get bombed and the pressure cookers bombs slaughter 100’s at PRIDE since she has done more to help spread this barbaric death-cult than the Muslim Brotherhood could ever have dreamed of.
        Hall allowed the jew-hating anti- west homophobic Mosques in 2 public schools. She will also get credit when Niqab clad suicide bombers freely walk into the school and go jihad via their suicide- vest . She doesn’t get it, Gays will be one of the first groups killed by her buddies in the mosques along with other muslims because they don’t care who they kill since many muslims are seen as apostates or martyr’s .

        • Raymond Hietapakka

          Maybe Hall herself will be the one to strap on a suicide diaper.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Years back, an old Yugoslavian Doc-Professor told me that the ethnic Albanians were the craziest people on earth. EVERYONE carried a knife.

    • Frau Katze

      Makes sense!