Ontario Liberals offered quadriplegic candidate ‘appointments, jobs, whatever’ to step aside: Recordings

Recordings released by former Liberal candidate Andrew Olivier show the Liberal party offered him “appointments, jobs, whatever” after asking him to step aside and let NDP MP Glenn Thibeault take his place in an upcoming byelection in Sudbury.

Premier Kathleen Wynne previously denied offering Olivier anything to step down and support Thibeault, but the recordings posted to YouTube on Thursday show the premier’s staff told Oliver they’d find him another job in the party.

“I come to you on behalf of the premier to ask you if you would consider stepping down, even more than that Andrew, nominating him,” Sudbury Liberal party member Gerry Lougheed Jr. tells Olivier in a Dec. 11 recording.

“The premier wants to talk to you. They would like to present you options in terms of appointments, jobs, whatever, that you and her and (deputy chief of staff) Pat Sorbara can talk about.”

  • Ron MacDonald

    Lying to the public, she should be forced to step down.

  • David Murrell

    Yes but according to the Globe and Mail (paid and bought for by Ontario Liberal payola money), the OPP (whose police union has donated thousands of money to the Ontario Liberal party), the bribe offered to Andrew Oliver is not, repeat NOT, a criminal offense:

    In fact, the paid-and-bought-for Globe and Mail has not, repeat, NOT, covered this YouTube posting documenting the bribe offer. So we can rest easy, complacent, knowing that the bribe offer never happened! Norsiree. It was NOT in the Globe and Mail, so the even never happened! IT HAS NOT HAPPENED! Everybody got that?

    • Exile1981

      Someone needs to ask the RCMP to investigate since the OPP are in a conflict of interest situation.

      • barryjr

        RCMP won’t do it unless they can break into houses to steal firearms or use their tasers on innocent tourists.

    • Alain

      Sorry but it does not even need to be a criminal offence under the law. It is a breach of trust to the citizens and had she the least bit of honour she would resign.

  • DMB

    The Liberal NDP coalition has arrived in Ontario. It just has been made official yet.

  • Liberals are corrupt scumbags?


  • k

    I’m unclear about this…
    Is a political party allowed to make strategic moves, such as, changing candidates in an upcoming election in order to win or create some sort of sympathetic arrangement between parties?
    Why can she not offer him another position within the established parties sphere, private companies kibbutz people around all the time=sort of a rejuvenating process

  • ontario john

    Oh good, the OPP investigated, just like they are investigating the gas plants. What could possibly go wrong? It seems the lieberals can commit anything but murder as long as the leftists keep shoveling money we don’t have. Can’t wait to see the final bill when the Panam bread and circus event is finished. But hey, were going to some great gay pride parades this year.

  • simus1

    Can see why exNDPer MP Glenn Thibeault is beloved by GLLKDW and all Lieberals in Canada. He sent long time laughing stock Liberal MP “Dumb Diane” Marleau out to pasture.