Nigel Farage is right – We must protect our Judeo-Christian heritage

Yesterday, Nigel Farage hit out at such delights of modern multiculturalism as female genital mutilation, sharia courts and Pakistani rape gangs, suggesting that what western societies need is “interculturalism” to protect our Judeo-Christian heritage. By invoking God as a moral good, he is being unfashionable but inescapably right.

The militant tendency in atheism has, mirabile dictu, had its day: with Christopher Hitchens’s sad passing and the gradual descent into madness so evident in Richard Dawkins’s social media activity, we can say with a reasonable degree of certainty that making an obnoxious fuss about not believing in God is, like, so over.

  • West is under attack by the IslamoZombies.

  • G

    “….Christopher Hitchens’s sad passing ….”

    What was sad about it?

    An effete, sneering drunk who did nothing more valuable than sit on his useless, addicted ass and write snotty shit about others and hate people. Yeah, big loss.

    If there were any justice Hitchen’s last minutes on earth would have been attended by a incompetent nurse who mistakenly switched his morphine for saline. Then instead of going out with euphoria and comfort, he would have gone in pain and terror.

    I don’t care if Hitchens was critical of the muslims. He was a P.O.S.

  • ontario john

    Conrad Black said basically the same thing at the National Post website.

    • Censored_often

      Please elaborate. Maybe a link?

  • Frau Katze

    Good point.

    You can argue all you like about the existence of God. But I’d ask a simple question: how has the loss of faith and our crisis of confidence in our own virtues worked out for us? Are we any happier? Richer? Any more free? I venture not–at least, not as a result of atheism or the destruction of confidence in the church.

    • Jason

      I would also suggest that a secular, ultra-skeptical worldview does not stand up too well to the ideology of islam in particular. Had we retained more of our Judaeo-Christian beliefs and principles (such as a belief in *objective* right and wrong) we would have been less vulnerable to it.

    • Jim Horne

      Rev. Franklin Graham spoke on Hannity as part of a panel of guests.

      IMHO our country has fallen away from the faith and we are paying a price for it. My only question is what will it take before people realize what they have lost?

  • Jason

    He suggested that unrestricted birth control had led to the objectification of women. Even if this was true (I personally suspect that there *is* something to it) one could always turn around and say, so what? What’s wrong with making the pursuit of pleasure the principal goal in relationships ?
    Well, for one thing, the hedonistic attitude that seems dominant in our societies must be at least partially responsible for the low birth rates we see – who wants to forgo their own pleasure (goals, careers, aspirations) and accept the unpleasant burden and responsibility of children and a family?
    Unfortunately, there is a large group of people that is quite willing to skip the personal liberty and pursuit of personal fulfillment. They *are* fecund and we have insisted on bringing them into our countries – along with their violence and hatred.