French President Francois Hollande Is An Idiot

‘Muslims must be protected’ Says French PM As Local Mayor’s Worry Jihadi Graves Will Become Shrines For French Muslims

‘Muslims main victims of fanaticism’: French PM

Speaking at the Arab World Institute in Paris, Hollande said: “It is Muslims who are the main victims of fanaticism, fundamentalism and intolerance”, adding the whole country was “united in the face of terrorism.”

Members of the Muslim community in France, Europe’s largest, have “the same rights and the same duties as all citizens” and must be “protected,” the president vowed.

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But the mayors of Gennevilliers and Reims, the towns where Cherif and Said Kouachi resided, are fearful that the graves could become rallying points for the many Islamist radicals in France who have already voiced their admiration for the 12 murders the brothers committed at Charlie Hebdo’s offices last week.

According to Antoine Flasaquier, lawyer for Said Kouachi’s partner, his client wishes to “keep the place of burial confidential so that the grave doesn’t become a headstone of remembrance for the deranged”.

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