French President Francois Hollande Is An Idiot

‘Muslims must be protected’ Says French PM As Local Mayor’s Worry Jihadi Graves Will Become Shrines For French Muslims

‘Muslims main victims of fanaticism’: French PM

Speaking at the Arab World Institute in Paris, Hollande said: “It is Muslims who are the main victims of fanaticism, fundamentalism and intolerance”, adding the whole country was “united in the face of terrorism.”

Members of the Muslim community in France, Europe’s largest, have “the same rights and the same duties as all citizens” and must be “protected,” the president vowed.

Related but not to Islam in any way of course: French towns don’t want to bury Paris killers

But the mayors of Gennevilliers and Reims, the towns where Cherif and Said Kouachi resided, are fearful that the graves could become rallying points for the many Islamist radicals in France who have already voiced their admiration for the 12 murders the brothers committed at Charlie Hebdo’s offices last week.

According to Antoine Flasaquier, lawyer for Said Kouachi’s partner, his client wishes to “keep the place of burial confidential so that the grave doesn’t become a headstone of remembrance for the deranged”.

Related kinda I guess but but not to Islam in any way: Pakistanis burn French flag in Charlie Hebdo row

Certainly not related and not to Islam in any way: Beheaded Frenchman found in Algeria

  • ntt1

    cremate the assholes then throw the ashes in a manure pond at some pig finishing stockyard.

    • Seems sensible.

    • Linda1000

      Apparently, muslims never do cremation but I’m not sure why.

    • DD_Austin

      muslims could burn Paris to the ground
      and these “elected “Judas would still be sheltering them.

      muslims aren’t the only ones who should be thrown into the manure pond

      It’s time those who don’t get it, got it

      • I would just object to use of the word Judas to mean traitor, here.

        • DD_Austin

          Not traitor, I would have used Quisling for that.
          Traitor is betrayal of the state, this is a knowingly betrayal of
          their own people by the state.

          Thence the use of Judas, as it has a underlying virtue of evil,
          and disgust universally understood in western culture by all
          Ephialtes of Trachis wouldn’t work as well, people who need
          “looking up” never work as well

          • I do not see the analogy. Judas allegedly betrayed his teacher Jesus by denouncing him to the authorities.
            Moreover, dear friend and ally, this term Judas is charged with anti-Semitic sentiment, has been so for centuries. Why bring the Jews into this, however indirectly. It is not fair and not nice. Please think about it.

          • DD_Austin

            Christ and company were all Jews, banning the use of a

            term based on the medieval thought is rather Islamic, isn’t it?

            Considering what Judas did, one would think people of the

            Jewish faith would hold him in as much contempt as Christians would, with or without the religous aspects, he is still crud,

            universal crud.

            Frankly, I have no intention of limiting my vocabulary due
            to PC sensitivities, that is right out of 1984 newspeak, eliminate undesirable words, eliminate undesirable thought.
            However I don’t wish to be unreasonable, if the word
            “Judas” is stirring anyone here into uncontrollable
            bloodlust to hate Jews (muslims excepted, they’re already
            foaming at the mouth) or causing them to wet themselves
            because the some terms magically summon evil


          • Minicapt
          • DD_Austin

            Some are know by a single name, some are known by using
            both or just the last name



  • Censored_often

    Bury them at sea, preferably in shark-infested waters near their Muslim countries of origin, hoping French Islamists swim there to pay their final respects. Good solution?

  • Xavier
  • Exile1981

    It has nothing to do with Islam but if we bury them then their graves will become shrines to Muslims who glory in killing others.

    • Xavier

      Pigs can do the job start to finish.

      • Exile1981

        Yes but then those pigs could end up in the food chain and that would be nasty. Jihadi fed bacon takes all the pleasure out of eating bacon.

  • RevnantDream

    Victims don’t demand you convert, bomb you, than over populate you to take over

  • John

    How can such stupid people become president?