IS launches massive social media campaign urging western Muslims to act as ‘city wolves’

The Islamic State (IS) group has reportedly launched a massive social media campaign, urging every Muslim living in the West to act as a “city wolf”.

According to the Washington Times, following the recent terror attacks in France, the Islamic State posted Tweets calling on jihadists to kill more Westerners and to celebrate the lives of the three Muslims who slaughtered 17 innocent civilians and police on a rampage that began on Jan. 7…

…Robert Maginnis, a retired Army officer and military analyst said that IS’ social media sophistication was working and needed to be defeated quickly.

He added the “IS’ strategy to harness social media challenges the West’s military dominance by reaching past our governments to the people.”

The group used the hashtag #FightForHim – a reference to the Prophet Muhammad – over 3,000 times on Twitter since early Sunday, the report said.

  • mauser 98

    or call it Fergadishu

    Fourth black on white murder in St. Louis, in less than seven weeks
    Homicides No. 3-8: 6 Dead, 3 Injured in 19 Bloody Hours of Shootings in St. Louis

  • Hard Little Machine

    Car bomb every single fucking mosque in Europe. Kill them all.

    • Xavier

      You’re about to be moderated. 😉
      I said raze them and got deleted.

      • You’re goddamn right.

        You treat this like it’s a joke. I wish you wouldn’t. How to express myself…

        Is it funny to slip “Car bomb every single fucking mosque in Europe. Kill them all.” past the moderators? Why? Are you 12? Is your next move to dip my pigtails in ink?

        If you’ve got such a big pair of balls why don’t you start your own website? Then the cops and the lawyers can come to you.

        I’ve dislike teachers as a group my whole life, but now I’m beginning to get a sense of why so many of them were such bitches. “It’s always the same ones…”

        Do you think I or anyone else gives a flying fuck what you want to type, as a general thing? I really, really don’t. Nobody does. But when this sort of shit is posted on the website it is potentially problematic. As in legally.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          I miss everything fun!
          Baby steps HLM; Auschwitz wasn’t built in a day.

          Good news, this domain is available!
          And is like totally affordable for only 14.99 a year from GoDaddy, who would likely automatically approve the name and assign server space without even giving the matter a second thought.
          They say the hardest part of running any website is attracting quality advertisers, and that might be doubly-true in that case.
          Then again, if you are generating the traffic…

      • Hard Little Machine

        Oh well, I guess some Muslims will have to be appeased.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      Not feasible, better to offer them all a homeland re-unification package. Halal-certified even, I don’t care. Once they all back home, happy and far less susceptible to S.J.S. and A.A.D., we should then proceed to literally wall off their part of the World, just like Saudie Arabyia is doing right now, along 900 km. of its border. Then, after the muzzle’ems have trapped us all, so craftily muzzle’em style, in our own homelands…we can then cut them off from everything we make…insulin, iphones, BMWs, wheat, Kalashnikovs. After all, they DO want to return to the 7th Century, don’t they???

      • Frau Katze

        Some of them don’t. But the wretched idea is loose in the world.

        • winniec

          65% percent of Muslims tell the pollsters they want to return to the 7th century, but that’s because they haven’t tried it yet.

  • mauser 98

    ….ISIS fabulous

    Arango’s story, however, stands out: it is the reference to homosexual
    sex in an Isis training camp. “He [Barho] said he saw men having sex
    with other men behind the tents in the desert night.”

  • eMan14

    They’ve mastered the social media thing. I’m not even on Twitter or all those other things.
    They also have a propaganda machine worthy of Nazi Germany. They may not all be under one ruler or organization, other than Islam. But they are working towards the same goal. A world under Islam.
    For those who are on it… is Twitter really that relevant?

    • b_marco

      Its relevance is relevant to the relevance of public opinion. That’s a pretty big question.