Glenn Greenwald: Pro-Israel sentiment in the U.S. is at least as bad for freedom of speech as Islamist terrorists murdering cartoonists

Apparently, the real lesson we should be learning from the murder of “blasphemous” French cartoonists is that American pro-Israel activists are at least as repressive as Islamist terrorists. That’s because the former have purportedly created a “taboo” against criticizing Israel–a purported taboo, I should note, that Greenwald himself and many other bloggers, along with every major American newspaper and left-of-center journal, violate regularly, and one that somehow doesn’t stop professors hostile to Israel from dominating Middle East Studies Departments in universities across the United States, such that the actual taboo in such departments is to express sympathy for Israel. Here’s the money quote, which comes at the end of Greenwald’s post:

That [criticizing Israel] is a real taboo – a repressed idea – as powerful and absolute as any in the United States, so much so that Brooks won’t even acknowledge its existence. It’s certainly more of a taboo in the U.S. than criticizing Muslims and Islams, which is  in mainstream circlesincluding the U.S. Congress – that one barely notices it any more. This underscores the key point: there are all sorts of ways ideas and viewpoints are suppressed in the west. When those demanding publication of these anti-Islam cartoons start demanding the affirmative publication of those ideas as well, I’ll believe the sincerity of their very selective application of free speech principles. One can defend free speech without having to publish, let alone embrace, the offensive ideas being targeted. But if that’s not the case, let’s have equal application of this new principle.


  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Glen is on fire these past few days.
    He’s like the ‘Robert Fisk’ of our generation.

    • Gary

      I agree, but there are several “Journalist/reporters” that spew lies while the Host of a show just assumes they wouldn’t lie to them and they eat it up as facts.
      The CBC is the worse for giving liars air time .

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Giving liars uncontested air-time is the same as lying yourself.

  • Gary

    In one of his videos while in Canada I assume he was a self-hating homosexual that didn’t care that the islamists will slit his throat the first chance they get.
    There has got to be some mental disorder for Liberalism because far too often i see gay liberals volunteering to be killed one day by islamofacists which they don’t see as the enemy.
    Sadly , fellow Liberals defend this guy as if he’s normal and they anti-jihad groups are the problem.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Does the Greenster get drunk, cut up newspaper headlines, then randomly re-assemble them for his stupid f***ing “ideas”. I’ll bet his handlers keep his bum sore.

  • Hard Little Machine

    A few things. one – Greenwald does not say he’s a liberal, only his followers do. He says he’s actually a right wing extremist libertarian anarchist in the mold of Lyndon Larouche or Noam Chomsky. two – Greenwald freely admits to being a neo Nazi sympathizer. three – while most of his claims are about some abstract unlimited concept of ‘free speech’ including hate speech, the only speech he’s eager to suppress is Jewish speech. he even says that here.

    • occupant 9

      Yep, Greenwald is most sore that full-blown antisemitism isn’t quite in vogue yet … and he can’t wait! That he has to wait until Muzzle-ems rule the discourse is, to him, oppression.