Gallia Watch: Netanyahu in Paris

Guy Millière, writing at Dreuz, analyses the presence of Benjamin Netanyahu in Paris on Sunday, focusing on the reasons behind the shabby way he was treated and what it could mean for a France dedicated simultaneously to fighting antisemitism and “zionism”. For while French leaders express their abhorrence of “all forms of racism and all antisemitic acts that are totally unacceptable in the Republic”, to paraphrase a litany we hear every day, these same leaders cannot abide the existence of Israel, committed as they are to their Muslim and Arab masters.

The French will have to decide: either they side with all of Western civilization, (including Israel and Christianity with its traditional moral code, that derives from Mosaic law anyway) or they bow to Islam (including Arab, North African and Turkish States and all those who have converted to the Koran and its hadiths).

Which path will they take? They can no longer have it both ways, as they have desperately striven to do for decades…