Dutch high-school humiliates teacher: Forced to apologize for #CharlieHebdo Poster

The world turned upside down

“After what happened in Paris, this is the world turned upside down. A teacher has to go to all classrooms to apologize because students of Moroccan and Turkish descent complain about a magazine that has always put the freedom of speech center stage”, some mothers point out. School principal Lemstra however, thinks that the decision to remove the poster was the right thing to do. “Off course there is freedom of speech here, but it must be respectful and not oversimplified. Pamphlets and posters do not belong in a school. Teachers want to have a discussion with the students, we do not walk away from that. But one must also be aware of the fact that this group of students does not understand the poster. And let’s face it, we know that the magazine Charlie Hebdo was pushing the boundaries. That is sometimes offensive. Do we want that in a school? Also tolerance has it’s boundaries.”